Newish player looking for a highsec explorations corp?

Just as the title says. I’ve been playing for a little bit now, and would like to join a corp here in highsec that does exploration sites. I do go into wormholes to run the data sites sometimes. That seems neat too. I’m US TZ and can play after work. If you have a corp that does this, or know one that does - I am looking to join.

Hey there, we are looking to bolster our corp with some fresh faces; we live in a c2 wormhole with an exit to highsec (and another to c3) which I think may suit you more than you currently believe.

You can roam different regions of highsec everyday with us, learn more about wormholes and utalise other eixts to lowsec or even null.

Together with our alliance we share a wealth of knowledge about new eden with some of our players having been ingame over 12 years…

Check us out, Drankengard in the Shattered foundations alliance.

Hi Benson,

Realize this is a really late reply, but I have recently started a corporation focused on exploration. It is extremely small right now, but if you don’t mind that, you are more than welcome, check out Society for the Illumination of Anoikis in game. We are based in HS.

If you want a more established corp, Signal Cartel and Eve University would be great choices. I especially recommend Signal Cartel, if you don’t mind their Credo.

Hit me up in game if you have any questions, about corps or exploration.

o/ Hey there! Welcome to Eve!

The Pirisians are a pve/industry Corp in a large alliance with stations in every security. We have been exploring and farming wormholes and nullsec for a long time and have a lot of experience to offer.

We also offer a buyback for loot and will pay market value for your loot so you don’t have to travel to the main trade hub.

Please feel free to send me a message in game and we can’t talk more! o/

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