New player looking for exploration Corp

(Batz Depofijos) #1

Hi folks I’m a very new player and just completed the agency missions, I’m very intrested in exploration and archaeology. I’m want a corp on my timeline ie UK/European if possible.
I’ve been practicing my scanning and would like to take the next step.
Any corps who can help me?

(CaseyLP) #2

You should probably take a look at Signal Cartel. They are a corp dedicated to exploration.

(Batz Depofijos) #3

Thank you

(Vartan Sarkisian) #4

Hi Batz

We are a WH corp who do industry and pvp, but being in a WH you have good exploration opportunities too.

Check out our recruitment thread at WH Indy/PvP corp and we can have a chat if you want to know more

(Root'er) #5

Hi there!
I’m building a small corp focused onto nomadic lifestyle (i.e. never being tied to one place), and exploration is a large part of our operations (and profit).

If you’d like to roam the New Eden with us, we’d be happy to share what we know.