New Exploration Player looking for Corp

Whats up. I am fairly new to playing but not new to watching eve online. My main focus right now is exploration and industry at the start. But looking to get into more of a very part time pvp role later on. Any small friendly Corps interested would be great.

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Hi Oberon!

I’m actually in the process of launching a corp from the ground up. We have about 10 members, most all are learning the game together as they play. We do both exploration and industry with some PvP roams when we have the numbers. I think we’d make a great team! Feel free to pm here or in game and we can talk more.


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we have a young corp, a few of us are explorers and the corp is beginning to fund our ships. we are also an industry corp so if you are interested please feel free to msg me

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ingame mail sent :smiley:

Hi my name is Legion-Xavier Khan, thanks for replying to Oberon thread. I am also searching and seeking for a good Exploration Corporation too. Tiberius, and Akrith thank you again also for posting some of your information about your organization too. I’m interested and how do we go about it in getting involve with your organization?

Thank you for your valuable time!..
Legion-Xavier Khan

we can give you a home to do all that in as much or as little as you want and if you want pvp on the side we can show you that to. come chat in game with us

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