Newbie looking to join corporation

Hi all,

I’m a newbie (alpha) looking to join a corporation that’s focussed on exploration. I’m still not sure if PVP is my forte but that’s something I’m willing to explore along the way (though for now, would like to learn the ropes of exploration). I’m based in Singapore TIme Zone (GMT +8).

Any suggestion regarding newbie friendly corporations focussed on exploration would be great.


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Hi there, Acer!

Welcome to EVE Online!

I see you’re interested in joining a corporation; good call. A decent corp. can really help you get engaged with EVE.

Caishen’s Angels is a small, growing corporation living out of a C3 wormhole. We have many Data and Relic Sites in our system available to our members. We also have a Low-Sec connection which provides the opportunity for our pilots to complete slightly easier exploration sites.

We also mine, produce and sell goods, and fight!

Please don’t hesitate to send this character an in-game mail if you have any further questions!

I’ve heard good things about Signal Cartel. Very large group of mainly exploration.

If I wasn’t happy in my Corp I might look them up myself.

you can look in our public channel
hope to meet you

Moved to the Recruitment Center which is a much better place to find a Corporation :slight_smile:

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Hello Acer Nardieu,

I am not sure if you have found a new home but wanted you to give us a closer look about who and what we do as an EVE entity.

Hope to see ya in space,

WHSOC -Jump to be Known

Hello friend

We own a good low sec pocket close to jita

We hold sov in null sec

We have a C2 wormhole

Would be glad to talk with ya in comms
Join our public channel. Wobble bubble

I just started out too. Also in Singapore. Who did you end up joining?

Hello all ,i am new also and trying to find a corporation. After all these videos i saw regarding eve, if you dont know to pvp you are dead from the start,so i quess i would like to learn pvp from experienced and gifted pvpiers.But on the other hand if you dont do pve you dont earn money ,so i am a little confused .Thank you

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