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Hi there,

I haven’t played Eve in roughly 6 years, but have been a vet since 2007.

Have theu at all buffed level 4 missions in high sec for isk/hr?

Im looking to get back and start casual by doing some lvl 4s and whatnot until I jump back to PvP but I really don’t want to just play to plex.

Any advice would be amazing

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Not quite missions in the conventional sense, but have you thought of doing highsec incursions? You could easily make 200-250m/hr on your average fleet, sometimes pushing 300m/hr+.

If you don’t know about incursions, they are kind of like group missions. In highsec fleets range from ~11 people for Vanguards, to 40 people for Headquarters. I don’t do VGs “professionally” so I can’t speak to them, but I can speak to HQs:

  • Three sites: TPPH, NRF, TCRC
  • Fleets of 30-40 people (Armour (is better) or Shield)
  • Most groups offer an SRP program, so if you die and it isn’t your fault you shouldn’t be on your own when it comes to replacing your ship
  • You get Concord LP which can be converted to most (not all) other faction LPs

For Vanguards, if you want to give a fleet a go, you can come out to an Eve Rookies fleet.

We have 2 different shield fit fleets that we run:

  • training fleet for those new to VG incursions, trying a new role (i.e. just skilled into a basi to try logi), or starting to learn to FC fleets.
  • Advanced fleets for those who skill into a T2 ship on our doctrine. These fleets go fast and have little direction from the FC. A pilot should know what to shoot and when for these fleets.

Eve Rookies is currently running fleets on the following days:

  • Tues: 18:00 eve (19:00 winter) training fleet
  • Thurs: 18:00 eve (19:00 winter) A fleet
  • Fri: 18:00 eve (19:00 winter) training fleet
  • Sat: 02:00 (03:00 winter) eve and 22:00 eve (23:00 winter) training fleet
  • Sun: 18:00 eve (19:00 winter) training fleet

Other fleets can get randomly pinged on other days/times depending on FC availability.

We have ship handouts available on our training fleets. That would be the blaster or laser Praxis on our ship doctrine. You need 250m for the rental and you’ll get this back at the end of the fleet.

It really depends on what ends up in a fleet, but training fleets are averaging around 80m an hour right now. A fleets are well over the 100m mark. I just had an FC manage 153m/hr the other night.

Also, Eve Rookies isn’t all incursions. We’re actually a public community that’s fast becoming a coalition of different public groups offering activities for players new, old and returning alike. Some of our offerings are mission fleets, FOBs, mining, wh ratting and of course pvp. :wink:

Blitzing L4s can net you pretty decently. You can also look out for when USIA is hiring runners (not currently).

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L4s are a still good, pretty safe and reliable income source. The exact amount depends on

  • do you have a good agent location, where you get most missions in the same system or one jump out? Remote enough to go undisturbed for some hours in a row even in a shiny ship?
  • do you know the missions and how to finish them quickly? Some times you only need to kill one specific NPC or structure and can finish a mission in 3 minutes that would otherwise take 15 minutes.
  • do you have a proper ship that combines high damage with good application and range? Sometimes you have NPC groups at a 100km, sometimes webbing + pointing frigs just 5000m around you. Sometimes a fitting change or using a specific ship for just that one mission greatly speeds up the completion time.
  • do you know which missions to loot and for which to ignore the loot as side-income?
  • can you do the occasional burner-missions? They are doable pretty quickly and offer huge rewards in LP
  • do you know how to get the max ISK out of your LP? Which items to buy for it, where and when to sell?

That being said, you can make anything from 50 to 300+ million ISK/h, knowledge + tag & item prices (or better buy- and sell-order placement) play a big role here.


I recommend doing events (and their sites), if you like PvE. They come regularly, and pay more than any regular PvE. Currently 2 events run in parallel, the 20th anniversary event will go til the end of May, the shadow war probably another couple of months.

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Low sec combat exploration is a viable alternative to mission running.

DED 2s to 4s in a Jackdaw should net you 100m per hr.

DED 5s and 6s, as well as escalations from unrated sites, can hit 200m per hr. Recommended ship is the Tengu or Loki.

Dont know if escalation hunting or scanning for ded sites 3/4-10 in high sec is still worth it. I have it done the last days and it seems, for me, that while the event is running the loot is very bad. Mostly only overseer effect and some worthless amplifiers. Have also done many Watch/Vigil sites with faction spawn and no module was droped. And on top of that it feels like everybody is escalation hunting. There is so much competition its crazy. On normal way scanning a ded 3/4-10 feels like impossible,

How to find DED sites?

you can find them with scanner probes