What is Incursion?

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I recently heard about some capsuleers talking about “Incursions”. I quickly looked at it and it appear to be buffed up pirates that can give a player 100mil ISK per hour, but could the pros tell me more about it please ?
Thanks in advance !
Sasha Viderzei.

have a read here: EVEuniversity.org - Incursions 101

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Take a look at Warp To Me in game.
Also there is a channel called incursions public that should be able to help.

Incursions are mid-level skill intensive so you will need somewhat large amounts of skill and a battleship costin you atleast 300mill.

Otherwise, uh, good luck. Warp to me and tvp are great communities and offer support(moral, not financial) To new players. Average isk is about 100 to 120 mill, depending on the sites, but ive pulled around 160 average on tvp cause they are assholes.

You need at a minimum decent to excellent BS skills and preferably level IV T2 gun spec skills and +4-5% gunnery implants to get into even the most basic elementary Incursion fleet.

$100 mill per hour isn’t quite truthful. A well-oiled machine of a group with months of experience and 4-5 Billion ISK pirate faction BS could probably get through 3.5 HQs in an hour, but you are unlikely to be allowed access to such fleets because they are a) douchebags and b) you seem to not have the pre-requisite skills/fits required.

After your SRP fee and taxes you are going to get 25-27 Mill per site and you MIGHT get through 3 HQs in an hour if there isn’t a lot of fleet turnover in most of the public Incursion fleets. You MIGHT get 90 Mill per hour if there isn’t any downtime between HQs, but I did them for a year and rarely was one hour to the next seamless.

After the first hour you will begin to question your choices. Half way through the second you will realize that you will have to literally spend 24 hours of non-stop insursioning in order to PLEX your account… which is the primary driver for joining such an anal-retentive fleet of arrogant pricks.

tl;dr Not worth it.

There is also logistics, which can be done in a cruiser, preferably a T2 cruiser, and with solid logistic skills.

In simple terms incursions are similar to multi-player raids in other MMO’s, but the locations of where the incursions happen changes regularly. The incursion takes over an entire constellation with multiple sites to run inside that constellation. The sites vary in size/difficulty so not all sites need the same number of ships to run them. The rewards also vary depending on which sites are completed, and having too many players in the same fleet can reduce the rewards from a site. It’s not just a matter of the rewards being spread among more players, so each player gets less, the game is programmed to reduce the reward payouts if the fleet has more than X players in it. Smaller sites in an incursion have a smaller player cap before the rewards get penalised, larger sites have a larger player cap.

There are usually multiple incursions happening at the same time in Eve, some in hisec, some in lowsec, some in null.

As for what types of ships, it’s basically battleships for dps and T2 logistic cruisers for support. You might find some very old posts or blogs that talk about other ships being used in incursions, but that’s in the past. Most incursion fleets also prefer to have all ships use the same type of tank, armour or shield, to make the support role of logistics easier. When the logistics ships need to support both armour and shield tanked ships at the same time, it adds complications. When every ship in the group has a shield tank, the support ships only need to fit for shield support and know that they can support every other ship in the fleet with that one fit, the same when all ships have an armour tank. If your ship is shield tanked and you try to join a group that uses armour tank, they’re not going to bend over backwards to let you into their group.

You also shouldn’t expect the big payouts straight away. Players that are not only new to how incursion sites work but are also new to running in a fleet with other players and are slow to respond to fleet command orders are going to slow the whole group down. This means fewer sites completed per hour and less payouts per hour as a result.

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