I'm trying to find the CCP presentation from one of the events, where a guy was talking how he got a new character from a scratch and later into over a billion isk with incursions in his 1st month

I need to finish checking Eve’s you tube channel for this but I don’t think it’s there, it’s probably buried under those multiple hour videos on twitch, which I’ve also checked a bunch but so far no luck.

BTW don’t get me wrong, I’m not a new player and I don’t need this presentation for personal isk needs.

I consider myself as a helper though and the nice side effect of that is, while being on Help chats I also stumble on things I don’t know which are interesting and can be passed on to others too, so it’s a great thing x2. Hearing about a way to start from HS anoms and to get to way over 1bil in the 1st month as a new player definitely interests me, even though while character is new, the player isn’t, even more I think it was Eve dev presenting that (not 100% sure).

Please help if you know which video is it, I think it’s one of the videos from this year.

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sounds like it might have been a presentation for one of the world invasion tours maybe?

I’m sure it was

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its not hard but that guy probably also used injectors and bought plex so fund it. Youd need to get a fit and train straight for bs and the core skills that make it barely able to undock.

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I don’t have a link to (and have never seen) the video you reference. However IIRC being in an incursion pays you about 30 million ISK per run, 15-30 mins per run depending on efficiency of the fleet. (For the kinds of runs that allow newish players.) So 1 billion in your first month would mean completing 33 or so incursion runs in your first month.

Before the runs started, you would need to skill up to and purchase a fleet-acceptable ship. This would likely be a battleship or faction battleship, although if you skilled into logi ships you might be able to use something smaller.

You will need to run missions or combat sites or some other activity while skilling up, to raise the 250-500 million ISK you will likely need to get a properly fitted ship. As already mentioned, depending on how you go about it, some skill injection may be required.

They cut back on the number of Incursion systems when they introduced Triglavian Invasions; I assume that is still in effect though I haven’t looked in a while.

This video might be helpful, though not the one you were looking for:
How to get into Incursions - 2019

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yes it is because they did that to make people go do trig sites

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I know someone that started as alpha and used exploration to get the isk to Plex his account in the first month. It is possible even without injectors if you do it right. Even if you die some you just lose a cheap t1 exploration ship.

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New player here and this is exactly how I’m making my ISK. It’s a very simple process. Hit combat anomalies, do all the level 3 and 4 exploration sites, sell all of the deadspace modules and blueprints you find. Made a little over 2 billion my first month.

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The big question here is not per month but per hour. It’s easy to turn a big per month figure if you play 16 hours a day 7 days a week.
Also to do that they almost certainly shortcut a whole lot of core skills and basically faked their fit, not actually meeting fitting standards. Which takes a lot of player knowledge to know what you can take.

On the timopic of finding the presentation I can’t help you there though.

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