Wanting to get into Incursions

Hi, I haven’t had too much success on these forums yet, but I’m here to try again. I am really wanting to get into incursions, but I know that they are very expensive(ships and mods). My mother says I’m not old enough to get a job yet which really bums me out cause I know that she struggles enough just to pay the internet bill let alone for an EVE sub. I know that if I were able to pay for my sub with ISK, this would really help her out. I told her she shouldnt pay for my account anymore even though I LOVE playing. If I were able to get into incursions I would be able to pay my own sub. I’m running out of omega time, but have just recently reached my 2 weeks of training until I meet all of TVP’s required minimum skills, and have been eyeing their basic vindicator short range dps fit. I cant quite use Tech II blasters or Tech II damage control, so my ship will cost 1.7B ISK. My sub ends in 8 days… Is there anyone that can help me to get the ship and a large injector so I can raise the money to sub before I run out of time? I dont need it all from one person either, any little bit helps. If I’m not able to meet my deadline, I can return whatever you offer me. Hopefully the right person sees this. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Hello halo Nine I will try to reach you in Game…I might be able to help.

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