Returning player, full fresh start, looking for advice - incursions

Hi all,

I am looking to get myself into incursions, but have never done any of these.
I am by no means wealthy, I have a few small billions max, and I come here asking for guidance from experienced people.

What value can I bring to incursions with my skillset,, and what would u recommend I build to join in?
Additionally, what is a solid way to get myself into them?

Google “Warp to me incursions”, “The Valhalla Project incursions”, “The Ditanian Fleet incursions” and do some readings. You can watch their videos on YouTube too.

Then join their in game channel, get one of their starter fits, join the queue and rake in the isks.

Each community has their own fits, so you will have to go to their website and check the fits out and test if you can fly them.

Everybody loves logi…

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