Choosing DPS ship for Incursion

I want to try out incursions and want to make sure I’m skilling up to get a good ship for it. So far as a new player, I have mostly focused on flying Caldari ships with missile and shield skills.

Ship progression in Incursions - EVE University Wiki

After looking at that site, it didn’t seem like people liked missiles for incursion DPS. I have been working on skills to fly a Nightmare with large energy turrets. I just want to make sure that is a good build, or if people recommend something else. Thanks!

I think a Nightmare is quite expensive for a new player - be aware that you can be ganked by a bunch of Catalysts near any tradehub in Highsec, or something in the Incursion can go awry.

AFAIK incursions are fleet operation anyway: They tend to have doctrine ships and fittings. A well fit Raven will probably do the job.

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