Incursions Q/A

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OK, I would like to take part in one but Im clueless.

  1. How do I help an incursion fleet out?
  2. How do I join an incursion fleet?
  3. When is it time to bail out of an incursion fleet?
  4. What are the must have skills for an incursion fleet?
  5. Preferred ship types?
  6. What will be expected of me in an incursion fleet so Im not booted out?
  7. I am a one man corp because I’m cheap and dont want to pay taxes to an NPC corp. Can my corp join an incursion alliance?

Any info would be appreciated.

(ISD Sakimura) #2

First and foremost, just by being willing to commit your time while in the fleet.

To start you off, join one of the Incursion Communities’ and have a chat with them about what sort of ship you need to fly. Once you do get into a Fleet stay as long as you are able.

Only leave a fleet between sites, only in an absolute emergency should you leave during a site.

This highly depends on the ship you’re going to be flying, logistic pilots have the highest skill requirements but are the cheapest to buy and costs nothing while flying in the fleet. At least when you first start out.

Various T1 ships are accepted by the less “Elite” communities: Rokh, Hyperion are Tempest are a few of them.
You are expected to eventually be flying a Vindicator, Nightmare or Machariel.
Logistics: Scimitar or Basilisk

Pay attention, broadcast on time and follow the FCs instructions.

It may be safer to just stay out of Incursion alliances, I bet they get Wardecced on a weekly basis, as they do fly expensive ships. When using Incursion Communities it doesn’t matter if you are in an alliance or not, not even if you’re in a player corp or not.

(Solonius Rex) #3

Id disagree with ISD Sakimura.

There isnt really helping out an incursion fleet. Incursion fleets are there to farm isk. Everyone is there to farm isk. No one cares about Sansha other than the ability to farm massive amounts of ISK in short periods of time.

There are several groups. You can go to the system where incursions are occuring, and they will give you a special chat group that you automatically join. Then just ask if there are any groups up.

As long as you inform the fleet commander, you can bail any time.

Again, its a fleet to farm ISK, and you can only have 40 people in a fleet at one time. There are plenty of people behind you, waiting to get in.

Incursions are intended to be the end-game content for PVE. Or atleast, thats the intention. You need to be able to fly a battleship, with atleast level 4 of the racial battleship skill, as well as T2 large weapons.

Battleships, and T2 logistic cruisers.

Dont AFK. Dont shoot the target that the FC tells you not to shoot. Thats about it.

There arent really any incursion alliances out there, because theres no point. The fleets are public, and not tied to any alliance or corps, and they are readily available to be accessed by anyone with the right ship.

(Dark Engraver) #4

Train for a pirate faction battleship such as nightmare ask around until you are given required fit then go make money

(ISD Sakimura) #5

how is that disagreeing with me? not that different than what I said.

Yes, incursion fleets do it to farm ISK, and how is committing your time to the fleet, while in it, not helping?, if there were not enough pilots, there would not be any fleets.

(Simpelton) #6

There is always a need for logi, but you can get in battleships. If you want to help the community you join, they usually have fleet commander(fc) and logi master(LM) programs you can take part in if you find incursions to your liking.

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