Incursions for Alphas?

Hello folks!
I have so far done almost everything that is possible for an Alpha clone to do, except Incursions and station trading. I find the latter one quite boring and too much of a gamble (or spreadsheet-mania) to even try and I have heard a couple of things about incursions. So here is my questions:

Are there real possibilities for Alphas to do Incursions?

By that I don’t mean “is it theoretically possible”, because I have found out that the answer to this question is “yes”. There are some guides on how to train a dedicated incursion char in 100 days and get into a starter ship and so on. However, I looked into some of the corps/communities that do stuff like this, and first of all, they’re hard to find. Most of them are russian, and even though I speak 5 languages, russian is not one of them. Then, others that are listed on certain sites don’t exist anymore. Then there are some that don’t allow Alphas to participate in the first place. And finally there are some that would accept alphas but don’t allow missile fitted ships (which is the only type of ships I fly) The only remaining corp/community that has some info out there on what the restrictions are is Warp to Me. So, I looked up what ships they need and for Caldari it’s a Golem or RNI. Problem is, I can only fly a “normal” Raven (and no, I cant train up, I’m at the skill cap), but beside that I could use almost the same fit as propsed by them.

Now, I haven’t contacted anyone from Warp to me if it’s possible fo me to fly with then in a normal Raven and honestly, I don’t know if I even should ask. This toon is not a dedicated PvE char, it has also trained lots of “useless” stuff like explo, and while I run l3 and some l4 missions I am not sure if that is enough. What do you think? Can such an alpha clone participate in incursion realistically speaking or should I rather create a new one that is dedicated to flying incursion ships only? Or should I maybe not bother flying incursions at all because an alpha clone is a liability?


Not even a theoretical. Warp To Me accepts alphas all the time.

If you can fly a normal raven, you can fly a Raven Navy Issue. They require the same skills.

But otherwise, i would recommend a blaster rokh. Since you can fly a raven, you already have some of the skills.

Theres no harm in asking, and they will answer “Yes”.

All you need to do is to find a fit that you can use, that they will accept. Usually in the form of a blaster rokh. Thats the easiest to skill into.

Again, you can. Just ask the Warp To me community inside their chat channel as to what an acceptable fit would be.


Thank you for the reply!
Although you are incorrect that RNI and Raven require the same skills. The Navy issue version requires caldari batleship to be on lvl2, while the “normal” raven only needs it at lvl1. I have the skill on lvl1 and it tells me that I have 9 hours and 42 minutes to train the required skills.

Ah, okay. I think the minimum is either level 3 or 4 for incursions, so you might not have the skills.

But its still worth asking, they may lower the bar if there is an opening in the fleet. Just be honest with your skills and fittings.

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well, they (or at least one of them) said it has to be Navy. if you can fly one of those ships and online all the modules then wtm accepts it


Thanks for the link, never thought of some of the ships there. New horizons :slight_smile:

Wow! greate link. Now I have an idea where to move :wink:

10-12 hours in this fleet and you can be Omega and save 15$. In other hand, work 10-12 hours for 15$ is beyond sanity.

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For some, time is valuable. For others, it is not.

Thank you @Simpelton for mentioning Warp To Me community. I didn’t know that something like this exists but with no obligations of being in specific Corp or Alliance. Done a few fleets with them and I found it very cool and interesting to run incursions now. :sunglasses:


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