Newbro training for Logistics LF Incursion Corp

Hey guys, I’m a fresh Eve player, sitting at about 2 mil SP looking to step into incursions. I’ve done the research on the topic, and I’m currently shooting for a Basilisk, however a lot of my SP is currently liquidated in Skill Injectors as I’m waiting to know exactly where to invest it given my Corp’s wants.

I’m looking to learn, and don’t claim to be the best. I put in my own time and research, and will stride to be as self-sufficient as possible. Again, I’m new to Eve so if I’m missing any other crucial details, please don’t be afraid to ask me and I will attempt to be as forward as possible.


There are groups that run incursions but you’ll find few crops that do it. The equipment on most highsec incursions makes those capsuleers loss averse.

There’s a channel to find the public incursion groups, it’s either Incursion Public or Incursions Public

I know that either Test or Goonswarm have had incursion groups in the past so you can check with them to see if they still do.

So if Incursions take place in mostly communities, I guess my ideal corp would be based on what my incursion running ends up funding, and not the actual process of farming incursion?

Both English speaking high sec incursion communities. Both have in game channels.

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