Eve Rookies 2022 Wrap-Up

Looking back over 2022, all I have to say is this has been an incredible ride so far.

In 2021 Eve Rookies first started out as just a website. Then in March 2021 I was asked to create rookie player friendly incursion fleets. I was told that it couldn’t be done. The requirements are too high and there’s already a public community doing incursions (i.e. too many groups). Well, in March of 2022 we had a lifetime total of 98 vg fleets under our belt.

In total for 2022 for incursions we saw 249 DIFFERENT pilots fly with us for a total of 215 different fleets. In fact, we’ve had so many people stick around and keep flying we now sport training fleets where anyone can come as well as A fleets for pilots who have flown a little and upgraded into T2 battleships.

While Eve Rookies is best known for incursions (come on, who doesn’t want to earn an average of 80m/hr per fleet?) 2022 saw the introduction of FOB (forward base) fleets and SOE (sisters of eve) mission fleets. From the moment I thought of tracking other fleets last year (I’m a dope and started after summer) we flew over 30 non incursion pve fleets and then there was a PVP fleet every other week in cooperation with FUN Inc (NPSI group).

And, as the end of 2022 ticked into 2023 we hit 1,000 members on our Discord!

Thank you to everyone who has joined our Discord, participated in fleets and made Eve Rookies a really warm and welcoming public community. I’m looking forward to see what 2023 brings!

To see the full wrap-up click here.

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