Best incursion group

Which is the best incursion groups in Eve online for English speakers in between Warp to me and The Ditanian Fleet??
Need help to choose one and get into incursions quickly…

i never joined any of them, but why don’t you try one group by yourself, and switch to the second one if the first one is not the best for you? “The best incursion group”, what does it mean? the most isks/h? the one which uses the cheapest fits? the one where people use proper english? the funniest people?
This is a sandbox, dive into it, try by yourself, do mistakes, etc

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I wanna do this but as i’m alpha there is not much scope to train up two different set of fits.

WTM is likely going to be your best bet, simply because of they have the most flexibility for alphas to participate.

WTM is newbro friendly, has a relaxed atmosphere, and is the most active incursion community -with fleets running damn near 24/7.

On the other hand, TDF hates you in particular, and is secretly rooting for the corona virus.

Also, TDF is armor, while WTM is shield tanked. So, if you you’re looking to get started quickly, you should probably roll with the community that uses the same type of tank that you already have trained.

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Well i have not trained any tank for now.Ive used up my 1 mil sp for training required skills for the Hyperion fit of for the WTM Incursion group.

And as of TDF i training for the Megathorn fit in my main.But training in my main takes 21 days to complete.And as of this character, I will be ready in 5 days.

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You have indeed trained for a tank. The WTM Hyperion is shield tanked.
If you’ve similarly trained into a specific fit for TDF, then you’ve also trained for armor tank.

What i mean is that i have trained the armor or shield skills. Ive just trained the skills that are needed for the fit.I haven’t trained anyother skills like em shield resistance etc…

If you really want to fly in Incursions training the tank support skills is highly recommended, and might even be required, to meet the Shield/Armor resist profiles that are commonly required to fly safely in the fleets.


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