What happened to incursions?

Hello all,

I used to run incursions about 3 years ago with the ditanian fleet, warp to me, etc.

I just returned to eve yesterday and all the channels are dead.

What do?

Any insight appreciated.

It was semi-replaced by Pochven. Sort of.

CCP changed hisec spawns from 3 spawns to 1.

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So does everyone fight over the 1 incursion? If so, what are the groups?

Is it still profitable?

Can you point me in any direction to get back to doing it? I have ALL of my money tied up in incursion ships… guardians, nightmares, paladins, etc.

Should I strip and sell them?

Seeking input!

TDF for armor HQs
WTM for shield HQs

Both use Paladins.
TDF swapped Guards for Nestors/Oneiros.
Both use Nightmares, but Paladin > Nightmare currently.
Both use Vindis.
Dunno if WTM still uses Machs.

Join the channels and chat. Things have changed a bit.

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For anyone unclear on the acronyms:
TDF - The Ditanian Fleet
WTM - Warp To Me

TDF’s website isn’t resolving for me right now; if it does in the near future I’ll edit in a link.

Edit: looks like TDF is in the middle of a website move. Their in-game channel appears to be ‘TDF-Official’ which should have a link to current resources (plus people to speak with, of course).

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