Null sec anomalies

As above are null sec anomalies any more profitable than low sec or high sec are they worth salvaging or just go for the bounties?


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Well, the null sec anomalies have higher bounty NPC’s so yeah, they’re more profitable.

If you’re going for max ISK generation then forget about salvaging wrecks. However it’s probably a good idea to check various wrecks for high value loot.

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thank you for the reply

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The best answer I can give you in the fewest words is: “it depends.” Some great reasons to play in different areas of space, mostly depends on what you want out of the game. Mission running largely depends on LP trading to make the upper tiers of incomes, it also depends on finding a good system to run missions in. The lower the sec of the system the higher the LP and mission completion reward and bonus. Nullsec requires stability to maintain high incomes, some neutrals come through and that can tank your income for the day, or a war can start disrupting you for longer.

low tier: You probably won’t be doing anoms but instead salvaging behind someone else running anoms, this will probably be more profitable than most things you can do in high/low sec. Low level missions, not great isk, but imo it’s about enough to learn the game, save up a bit, and move forward.

med tier: VNI ratting up to ~60mil/hr from what I’ve heard, with low sp you will make less I don’t quite know how much less though. mid tier mission blitzing 20-60mil/hr, With okay battle cruiser skills, mid sec status, and a mid tier lp conversion you will be on the low end, improve those things and you work up to the high end.

high tier: 100-160mil/hr running anoms in a carrier. ~100mil/hr blitzing normal lv4s.

higher tier: ~300mil/hr running anoms in a super carrier. vs 200-350 mil/hr blitzing burner missions in highsec.

even higher tier: high end WH stuff, FW mission blitzing, titan ratting, nullsec burners, lv5 blitzing, 10/10 DED running, probably some other stuff. It can be hard to get reliable numbers here, I’ve heard 500m/hr to 1.8bil/hr for these kinds of things.

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