ISK making in 2020!

Hey all,
I am hoping to get some suggestions on the best way to make ISK based on my current skills in the current meta. I have heard Lvl 4 missions are very profitable along with plexing in FW. I am willing to purchase an alt/ multibox more than 2 accounts if it is profitable.
I have a Cloaky, Scanning, Tackle alt that can assist.
Here are my current skills:

Thanks in advance guys!

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Buy PLEX, sell PLEX, get ISK


There is always one…


Well, doing missions is ok ISK but it’s steady. Just remember it can become monotonous over time.

Doing exploration can make some good ISK but it’s like gambling, meaning it’s hit or miss. Also might have lot’s of competition in finding sites to run depending on your location.

I suggest you mix it up and alternate between them, that way you won’t get burned out so quickly.


Nobody ever suggests combat exploration in lowsec. I have seen people doing it. Seems like a hybrid between missions and exploration.

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The people doing it don’t talk about it because of PTSD trauma, but ive recovered enough to give a rundown.

Fit 1.8+B loki and 1.4b+ jackdaw for the space your in, will need implants too .
It really does take that, up to 3B fits, lots of these sites are insane.

Losec is chalk full of stuff everywhere.
I found very lucrative blood raider sites (One of them drops A-type EANM’s nearly every single time for example) often unran because nueting is terrible. Abyssal Repub Fleet Large Cap Batteries are your friend.

If your worried about how to run them in crowded hostile system, you shouldn’t be in losec period. You actually draw more personal (and competent) attention in sparsely populated areas, and sparse areas are often lived in by guys that are comfortable cynoing in the calvary if they get the drop on you. Every single loki I’ve lost to another player has been due to cyno, proper fit and flown you’ll either win or it’s going to be a stalemate 1v1.

Often poorly documented or 10 year old documentation, make your own notes you will need them, to run stuff efficient next time. I’ve got pages of notes on ingame notepad.

The downsides- You’ll never pay for your crap, plex yourself and all that stuff you should be able to do on paper. It’s rigged. You’ll loose your crap first because disconnects happen only at worst possible time, often it’s too much to be (tin foil hat). Disconnect will -always- happen at the worst possible time, sometimes you can get back in, usually you dont.
I’ve been disconnected actually shooting the faction spawn, hacking can in covert site, undocking as hostile diamond rat hauler docked in same station, but never ever in hisec, etc. Billions to disconnects.
The recommendations from people who largely dont know what they’re talking about get you killed further, a 600m loki tighter fit than my girlfriend’s chastity belt while I’m at work, with a t1 compact X-Large booster is pretty impressive at first till you really really need it. Get hung up on space junk, or one of the hundred stupid things you’re barely surviving while making notes about with the 3B loki, you’re toast.


This a thousand times over. Pve, well PvP too in some senses too, is monotonous after a while and you will burn out on one thing over and over again. I used to run a week of missions a week of mining a week of explo and toss in some pew pew for the adrenaline rush years ago.

Even try exploration using whs to get to null and try ur luck on the juicy relic and data sites there. More relics than datas mind you.

In the end its about spicing up your eve life imo. Stay the same and youll burn out quickly.


Hey bro,

I’m a big fan of incursions because it’s a social activity and you can make decent money (~125mil isk an hour with Warp To Me).

As for level 4’s, they’re garbage money unless you blitz them. Blitzing requires a huge skill and isk investment, but, it looks like you’re already doing pretty good on the skills. Moreover, the skill and isk investment is greatly reduced if you dual box. So, let me throw some resources your way.

Here’s a written guide. It’s a little old, but it helps explain how it works, and the fits are easily updated with some common sense.

Here is Hateless Gaming’s series on single boxing burner missions.

And here’s my guide on using dual nergals to run burner missions. Of course, this method requires two accounts, but it makes things so much easier and will provide a better isk efficiency.

Other activities you might want to check into include the Abyss and Invasions.


He’s not. Last time I checked he was triple / quadruple boxing.

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Yeah, he does that too, but those videos should all be single box.

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That’s important because the number he gets can actually be for that many accounts.
(IIRC he does like me : write the LP, isk and loot gain after a session, as well as the time)

Is there still the issue of people warping into your high sec missions, having scanned you down, and then blowing you up? Because that’s half the reason I left here 5 years ago.

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I haven’t run into that situation for a long time but it probably still happens.

I’d say the main thing nowadays is getting ganked on Jump Gates by multiple ships.

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CCP made it so important items for the mission just teleport to your hold now, making ninjing more difficult, if that helps you.

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Probably because there are so many T3C’s ganking in WH that its just not worth it. You can’t DSCAN them so you will never know they are there till they have locked you. They usually get you when your hacking so you have no idea they have declocked and scrambled you.

Think best way is when your in a wormhole if a player structure shows up don’t bother just find the next wormhole and move on. There really is way more risk than reward now since there are so many hunting.

If you explore always use a T1 frigate with a cheap setup. Usually cost only 1 mill. Far less risk, also dont use implants use a jump clone. You would think that they will get you easier in a T1 frig but since they usually wait at the sites and get you there it doesnt matter, since cloakers have to uncloak to hack.


undock more bait

You have an expensive lifestyle.

I’m pretty sure they nerfed combat anomalies loot several months back. I use to get at least one decent drop (40-100 mill) a day now I’m getting one decent drop every few weeks. Almost seems not worth it anymore.

Nahhh they pop your MTU now.
Easiest way to farm for a kill right is to pop an MTU while someone is doing their mission.