Event: Guardians Gala 2022 - Finished in the first day

Just back after 8 month break. I flew around for 2 hours and nothing. Yesterday I managed to find 3 in several hours, but all were being run? Are these sited supposed to be so stupid rare? I mean I’m really not finding this fun at all. If I want to jump around I’ll make a few runs between Amarr and jita? Maybe another 8 month break is in order. Pretty silly so far if you ask me.

There’s plenty of sites in low sec. My current system has 3 sites.

It’s annoying when ccp tries to force players into low sec systems. Many players do not need higher rewards in these systems.

High-Sec should always have same quality loot as Low-Sec or Null-Sec, but only in smaller quantities. This way, you can get the same things in High-Sec, but you have to spend more time. If you want the loot faster, you risk and go to Low. Simple.

Did you really need to necro a three month dead thread about a four month old event to say that??

I disagree anyway. Making all areas of space the same is simplistic and boring.
There should be reasons to go to a specific area of space besides “more of the exact same things”.

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besides there is more sites in low because there is less farmers running them
usually wen a site is completed it re spawn in other system … if few people farm they tend to accumulate