Ganked in Sec 1.0 - is this normal

Do you still play this game ? If so - why ? If now - why are you still posting on its forums ?



Cuz I still have hope that the game will be playable again.

My 6 years of subscriptions runs out on July… I will be done after that!

can i have your stuff?


One thing, why the ganker guy was not concorded? I saw zkill and nothing from concord

He was, but the killmail was not uploaded to zKill.

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He’s not the only one… Also me one time I was gangked and no zkill about my gankers :s

Gankers usually don’t register on zKill (to not give too much intel away). Hence only if someone else than NPC gets the killmail and has registered on zKill, losses will show up. Also kills will only show if the victim is registered on zKill.

What you see on zKill is only a very incomplete picture of ganking activity.


Yes this is normal, the cost of goods you are carrying far surpasses the cost to gank you. The cost of a gank tornado is about 60-80m. So he spend that amount of money and scooped up 367m in loot.

Also I personally just outsource hauling to the haulers channel.
Base rate for 1 bil worth of cargo is about 1m per jump. I personally find that a negligible price for outsourcing all risk and effort.

I’ll adapt. This is the reason for my question, to find out whether its normal or not. I understand its normal and I’ll adapt :wink:

So thank you for all the comments. I still stay with my coward comment. On low and null sec its a fair fight. When you go to these areas you have to be aware of the risk. There are two or more oppenents with winners and loosers. In high sec its not a fair game.

When you say that this is only a decision of risk vs. profit - then this would be also correct for a bank robbery. I personally would NOT steal loot from poeple in high sec. This is also FOR ME a question of honour - even when the risk calculation is positive :wink:

But again, I understand this is the way the game works and I will adapt.


I would advise you to think about this as a competitive game, if you have someone who you define as an enemy then go all out to win and that means to do all that you can within this game and that includes ganking them even in hisec.

What you have to do is adjust your approach to take into account the risk of being ganked, it is significant and you have to play in such a way that you do not make it easy for them. Good luck and I salute you for not getting uptight and even more for making the decision to do better.

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Some golden rules of eve that may help.

By far the best sentence about hi-sec security I have been reading recently.

It’s time to understand finally that hi-sec is another in game zone where special crimewatch rules works, compared to low-, null- and j-sec zones. The crimewatch is an index, which shall determine that somebody will attack you or not, compared to null-sec - where almost anybody will shoot at your ship on sight.

More tank isn’t always a solution. Investments into protection works up to a certain limit only. I’d say it’s a 1.5B ISK, based on what I saw and noticed. The ganker mechanic - it’s a pure mathematical equation. They already calculated almost all scenarios and know the amount of dps required (amount of respective ships) versus every ship in every security system, even in 1.0. Less ISK value in a ship isn’t always a solution for expensive ships like JF, Marshals blingy Marauders or whatever. They’ll gank your vessel just for zkillboard stripes (a zkillboard elitism if it’s correct to call so). Moreover, any advanced ganker camp will always gank your ship after they’ll bait on a trash CONCORD away, which will significantly increase their reaction (I heard about it, but I didn’t saw this mechanic in process btw). It can be easily done just because they can infinitely bump any Freighter for preparations.

The bad side of this mechanic, in my opinion, is its bad preventive work it requires for this level - to realiably defend a simple barge in hi-sec you have to invest into intel, alts, defense as much as it requires to reliable defend a Super in null-sec.

You and I may play for honour, but honour is not a rule of the game. It’s a rule set by yourself.

People in this game do not all play by honour, and there will be players that grab any opportunity to get themselves ahead. As such, there aren’t fair fights to be expected in any type of space. Not in null or low sec, but not in high sec either.

In a fair fight, both players made the mistake of taking a fight that didn’t have the best opportunity for them. It might be honourable, but it’s far more profitable to gank high sec ships that drop 400m of loot with a disposable ship worth 60m.

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To be honest I’m not even angry about this. This is something which makes the game special. For me gaming is about emotion, planning etc. No I have a new experience and now I can develope some counterstrategies. All good…

I red the golden rules earlier from above but forget the high sec part :wink:

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I would have said delve

Hint, don’t forget to make your killright public for about 10M. Gankers don’t like to have their Tornados dispatched while waiting for victims at a gate, so they will pay.

You have deep misconceptions about this game, and you’ll find that every sector of space is like this.

Do you still stick to the coward comment even though you’ve learned now that he’s playing the game as intended and that it was in fact you who failed to protect your assets?

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Don’t ■■■■ on your fellow player like that. He managed to kill you despite you being in a 1.0, because you thought you’re safe. He’s not a coward, he’s a player waiting for you to seek revenge.

That’s content in EVE ONLINE! :smiley:


So many things that are a head scratcher here.

  • You had 800m in a paper tanked Iteron
  • I have to assume your Invuls weren’t on or you were on autopilot
  • It doesn’t appear the attacker got concorded after the attack
  • An hour later the attacker killed someone fitted even worse.