I got ganked again

Yes. It is entirely your fault.

… only in highsec, ganking in EvE means what it is also elsewhere. Catching and killing somebody off guard in lowsec I woudn’t call “fight”, though “gf” is posted sometimes in local ironically.

OP, ganking is completely legit in EvE and avoiding the gank is the duty of the “victim”, by not being AFK, situational awareness, using the right fits and ships, using bookmarks, using scouts, have friends, etc. People complaining about the gankers and mechanics will have a hard time here and be trolled.

EvE is well balanced and gives you a lot of options to do “passive” PvP, but ultimativly you have to live with a certain risk as everybody else here does and likes it that way.

That’s why you never put stuff on the line which you can’t afford to lose.

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I’ve ran expensive stuff in to dodixie in a cargo expanded destroyer(Catalyst expanded to 1000m3) or fast innocent looking frigs if didn’t feel comfortable with lumping it in with a big load of junk in a slow industrial.

I heard of guys stashing easier more none conspicuous ships a jump or 2 out of trade hubs. Flying their blockade runners (that can’t be scanned, and are more often targeted) and just swapping to a regular industrial or something smaller to “smuggle” big ticket items in.

Security by obscurity doesn’t sound like a good strategy like in RL. My Prowler warps 8AU/s cloaked and aligns in <3s with imps, and I use instawarp and dock bookmarks. Except for disconnects and really bad luck nobody will get a target lock on this.

The “fight” is often in the catch, not in the kill. Trying, and succeeding, in catching someone who is properly fit to avoid capture, and takes all the right measures to do so, is quite hard. I’ll say “gf” (or “good catch!”) unironically to anyone who manages to catch my haulers, especially after a long chase. Similarly, I’ll say “gf” to anyone I catch after a such long chase. Conversely, a close call in which I manage to get away, or in which my target gets away, is also deserving of a “gf”.

That’s true Trevor_Dalech. That’s half the excitement. It’s ok if he has to work for it and succeeds making it fun and exciting for all involved.

It dose hurt to be popped just walking out of a station(yes that’s what insta-warp bookmarks are for), and it’s sometimes hard to keep a stiff upper lip and congratulate the guy that just shot up all your profits for the last week.

Every time you undock with expensive cargo in a ship like an Iteron, you are playing Russian Roulette with people like me, who scan your cargo and will hunt you down if you make it worth our while.

Whenever I need to move something expensive, I use an Occator if I have to do it myself, and get a contractor to do it if at all possible.

As an alpha clone, I felt like a goat among the wolfs.

–then stop being a goat and become a wolf.

As an alpha clone, I felt like a goat among the wolfs.

–then stop being a goat and become a wolf.

Or become a clever goat. I have a Omega account and yet I sometimes play my Alpha accounts just to see how far I can get.

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This is what I use to train, perhaps it might help others:

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Hmm… I learn a lesson today. I lost 150m isk.

It is what happened…

In Jita, a guy sell a Leopard shuttle for 150m in local chat.

I talked to that guy, then he opened up a trade window and it showed a Leopard with estimated price 147m.

I put my isk in the trade window and hit Accept button.

The trade window gone. And I didn’t see the Leopard.

The seller said he hit the wrong button, the trade window popup again.

I put the isk in it again, and hit Accept button.

This time I see a Leopard in my ship hanger, but it is just a renamed Leopard, it is a Minmatar Shuttle.

This time I learn:
“Check check check check everything before hit the Accept button in trade window.”



Jita is Nullsec for business - high danger, high rewards…

Never use trade window unless it is with a corpie you know and even then don’t use it for high-price items. Use contracts instead. Read contracts very carefully.


Classic scam, found in many MMO’s, dating back decades.

At least you are learning, albeit the hard way :slight_smile:

Never accept a deal from Jita local - it’s all a scam.

That being said, stick with it. I’ve lost billions in ISK by making mistakes. I learned from them and kept at it. I’ve been playing for 11 years now and I’ve “quit” multiple times, but you will never find another game like Eve. I can say in all honesty that I have friends in the game that I consider family and for all the toxicity you hear about and deal with in the game, the community is tighter knit than any other game out there. You’ll never see the devs in WoW making music videos and the like. I’ve been through some rough times IRL over the past year and if it wasn’t for the Eve community I might not be here to make this post.

Fly safe but more importantly have fun.

Tears like diamonds
Fall down my face
Scraping against it
Tearing the skin
Ripping the flesh
And easing the pain
Or increasing it

At this point
I don’t know

Man that sucks. With that being said, that is just like people selling cool skill books/stuff…etc in low sec places between high sec places. the player thinks that “Hey, quick jump in and out, no harm no foul.” The gate campers have webs… etc and boom. they will most likely let you get the cool thing you bought only to stop you on your way out. i only say that because doing people will scam you to get ahead. which is fine, but you got to know the game a little.

Edgy stuff.

Last couple times I went to lowsec to pick up something I bought, I wait till just after restarts for the day and go in a corvette.

I have been using Nereus for hauling in the last few weeks. I have not met any ganker yet. The cargohold space reduced to 4000m3, but the ship has 41k ehp, 60k ehp when overheat. Sometimes I see a group of catalyst pilots sitting near stargate, if they attack me, Im not sure will my ship stay alive.

And I’d like to share my recent eve life.

  • Thanks to the recent crimson harvest event, I made a lot of isk by buying/selling/hunting crimson harvest accelerator.
  • My first Vexor got popped when I tried to kill the loot stealer in the crimson harvest event. I like this ship very much. It was given by Operation Magic School Bus. This time, I learnt never attack loot stealer, just because my ship and skill are just too weak as an alpha.
  • I bought my first VNI, running level 2 security missions, and got popped when I entered low sec for mission. This time I learnt never goto lowsec for mission.
  • Bought another VNI, running misson again, When will I get bored?