Eve player experience

My long time friend invited me back into eve online. I’ve grown up a lot since I started playing in 2011 so I decided why not. The first few months were pretty non eventful. We just did the care bear thing, I got killed in Jita trying to bring loot from my old alliance .

After loosing my Astero I started searching for direction and a reason to play the game, that loss hurt but it gave me resolve. So I found a corp they were nice, had a strong set of rules a good foundation and a solid structure so I stuck around. After awhile I realized it was a pretty small corp consisting of pretty much one active member the CEO. I decide to bring my friend into the fold after a month or so. I really wanted to get something good going on for us and the corp. The corps original location was near Jita unfortunately they were unable to make any progress in the area so they decided to move into Amarr space where I believed we would have plenty more opportunity to grow as a corp.

The idea was simple find a nice low sec location maybe a system in the Sukanan Constellation set up shop make some isk and just enjoy the game… To the surprise of absolutely no one. New players were constantly loosing ventures and ratting ships in that region of space I managed to warn a few and saved there ships. They were thankful and I felt good about preventing a what I saw as an unnecessary gank.

Anyways the perps where mostly Quebecorp so I avoided them did data sites and relic sites in the area while constantly being followed by Quebecorp. I tried reaching out to players in that region of space to find a truce or anything really to no avail. So I decided to start bringing my ships in one at a time. Then things really started to heat up different corps from the “ARTON” Domain Research and Mining Inst. Started showing up in droves and that was it I knew we could not safely do anything in the Sukanan Constellation without loosing everything. So I told the corp we need to find another region of space we are not welcome here.

On the way out I lost a Primae and that solidified the idea “ARTON” was not friendly to us. Unfortunately it only gets worst as I’m starting to believe “This is what eve truly is.” So we found another region of space and surprisingly there wasn’t much activity and best of all it was not completely dominated by “ARTON” so we set up shop and did a few runs with our battleships in low level combat sites we were making Isk in low sec and starting to make progress as a corp even new players were joining we went from 3 active players to 5. Things were looking up until last night.

We grabbed our battleships and headed out to run a few combat sites with the new bro’s and well “ARTON” decided NO you don’t play eve online. They dropped capitals on us. We were on the star gate in low sec and it wasn’t just capitals it was T2 battleships as well the fight was so one sided and so utterly complete. So devesting I’m still shaking typing this. I get Eve is brutal but this, it hurts we even got GF at the end… here are the zKillboard link if your interested. Armageddon | Leif Ericsonn | Killmail | zKillboard Typhoon | EVAN Jakuard | Killmail | zKillboard .

I’m not done playing Eve and maybe I’ll keep updating the message board with my story going forward.

I have met some good individual players and I’d like to take this chance to shout out “New Eden Police Force.” I was helping the corp move from Caldari space to Amarr space and I needed to stop in Jita to the surprise of no one I got killed I lost over 100 mill of corp assets it felt terrible I hated the player who ganked me in high sec it was bad.

I sat on the kill mail vowing revenge and after a couple days I didn’t know if it was worth it I was so busy with Sukanan at the time. Then I got a unexpected mail from “New Eden Police Force” they reached out to me like knights in shining armor vowing to kill my assailant at that time, I felt EVE had players who brought Justice to the game and seeing the kill mail they sent me, it was immensely satisfying.

Thanks for your time Enjoy the game and Fly Safe. o/

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that is an impressive story…and hopefully, I will learn something to not make the same mistakes

Well at least you’re not throwing in the towel. However when you say:

keep in mind that’s sort of a matter of context - where you are, what you’re doing, who you’re with.

For a significant number of players, effectively “bullying” easy targets is their chosen playstyle. (Yes, I get that it’s legit gameplay and it’s all valid and yadda yadda whatever, but let’s call a spade a spade here.)

So you can go the “if you can’t beat them, join them” path of, say Altara Zemara. Go from complaining about lame weak cowardly gameplay on the forums, to joining those exact people and then switch to talking about how great it is.

Or you can try to buy them off/negotiate/rent whatever. That only works if the group harassing you is interested in your small change (or you can afford big bucks), but not if they just want to prove their macho superiority with some cheesy killmails. And of course it does nothing for the next group to come along with the same idea.

Or maybe the areas you’re trying to work in are a bit too convenient and accessible, so you run into opposition faster. Try getting farther off the beaten path, or heck, head to WH space or something. Or stay in HS and make less/do less.

Bottom line: some people get off on spoiling other people’s gameplay. You either adjust your gameplay to something/somewhere they’re less able to interfere with, or join a big enough crowd to be untouchable, or make enough ISK doing whatever that you can afford some losses.

And of course, follow all the usual “how to avoid getting ganked/dec’d/dropped on” steps. Thousands of players get pushed around every day, but even more thousands don’t.


:wink: I’ll break up the text next time like you have here it makes reading so much easier. Thanks for the advice but if there is an impossible path forward no one is willing to take you’ll probably see me walking along it with a few friends willing to be dragged though the mud with me.

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They New Eden Police Force is barely capable of killing anything that does not go criminal. So not sure how they are able to promise killing your targets.

Sorry if there is a misunderstanding here “New Eden Police Force” helped me in the past and reached out to me. They saw the kill mail in zKillboard and knew they could do something about it so they did. That’s the end of that little story. I just wanted to give a little hope after the bleakness of recent events. I’m in no way implying they can help me now.

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Thanks for your write up - was very honest. Please though… try using paragraphs :stuck_out_tongue: makes it easier to follow your story!

Gonna be honest - Losec is garbage. You can make more money by running filaments in hisec as far as i know. It used to be great (15 years ago) until it became the place that had little consequences for entrenched veterans who manipulate gameplay mechanics to avoid player interaction.

To be clear, I was a member of Negative Ten, who are known for perma-camping the pipe between Amarr and Rens (among other things) and i gate-camped with them for a while. I don’t see anything wrong with this gameplay aside from the fact that they had an army of alts and alpha’s that they would use to scout multiple systems in every direction. The minute you try and organise any real sort of player-interaction and fight back… they flee and dock-up at NPC stations.

Sometimes a large alliance will get annoyed and try to shut down pirate corps, but the best thing they can do is bring in a bait ship, light a cyno, then hot-drop a fleet on them… but there’s no interdiction in losec, so 90% of the pirates will flee and dock up for days, play other games/alts until the “bigger fish” has to go fight real battles.

the tl;dr is that losec has become the place that newbies get ganked by veterans who risk nothing.

For a long time I’ve felt losec needed changes to make it more appealing to play it, and add more PVP. If I were to suggest thing that might change this:

No NPC stations: Pirates who want to live in LoSec need to have something to risk… that means structures. being -10.0 isn’t an issue when you just bring in haulers full of ships using an alt and safely dock them at an NPC station.

Delayed/opt-out local: This would make scouting significantly harder for entrenched pirates, and would also benefit roaming PVP’ers who want to scan down people to fight in space. As it stands, local changing unexpectedly = everyone docks up. It’s anti-gameplay and boring.

Allow interdiction?: Not sure if this is the right choice, but if you can drop an interdiction bubble on people that gives you time to bring in a fleet and actually fight. Maybe a special type of interdiction probe would be needed that works in losec but has specific draw-backs like it only prevents warping out and doesn’t stop peopl who warp in from being caught out of range of the object they warped-to.

Thanks for listening to my ted-talk.

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I’ve edited it. It’s easier to read now.


Too long, but simple to simplify: non-NPC corps and new players don’t really mix.

Corps disputing territory will always have the same outcome, and if you try to turn it to your favor using a bunch of new players… well, you end up here with this post.

Something people should understand about EVE is that the in game tutorial only explains the basics to be able to play the game. But there’s a huge and massive universe inside EVE that involves player corps, player market, economy, war, territory claiming, ships specializations, fleet roles, etc etc. Which if you never really learn how-to about most of those, you are not going to get very far in EVE, which is the main reason why new players leave it.

If you like EVE, don’t try joining a player corp thinking that will make your experience better, since probably will happen the opposite. Instead, take your time learning about EVE in google, eve-university, youtube. etc.

EVE doesn’t reward the bravest players, but those who know the most what are they doing.


Sorry you found the story long winded.

I ended up here with this post not because I’m trying to turn disputed territory to my favor using new players. But because I wanted to tell a story and experience the responses of the community I’ve decided to be apart of.

I’m working to understand this massive universe inside EVE the corps, player markets, economy. war, territory claiming, ship specializations and fleet roles, etc. etc. I intend to continue to play EVE even if I’m learning it the hard way, I’m trying to help new players stick around enjoy the game and become apart of the community rather then leave it.

Joining a corp was the best decision I’ve made in EVE so far I’m glad I’ve found like minded people who share the same goal and are willing to grow and work though the pain of learning this game.

Youtube, eve wiki and google are great resources and I’d be a fool to not use them. But they are nothing compared to playing and learning EVE. That’s how I intend to learn by doing making mistakes and hopefully telling story’s on forums people enjoy reading.

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You got a positive attitude. I hope you keep it up.

What follows is opinion, perhaps different than some of the ones above.

Eve Online: there’s always a bigger shark out there, no matter what space you’re in. Part of the game is learning how to live in a big ocean like that.

Others have – and will continue – to try to re-frame the universe in some sort of moral light. The simple fact is the universe is “might makes right” and nothing stops you from freely exerting your will and agency upon the universe. But, that same freedom is granted to everyone else. Relish in it: every day you succeed in your objective is despite everyone else trying to enforce their will upon you. Feel empowered!

And with each loss, you’re investing the lost ISK into yourself as a capsuleer. Losing a 500M battleship just means it’s a great opportunity to reflect and try to learn 500M ISK worth of lessons from that event.

Don’t be afraid of red on your killboard when going out in the universe and trying to fight back. There are two kinds of Eve players that make fun of red killboards and neither one are worth letting them impact your morale: the “eLiTe PvPeRs” that have pure-green killboards and high-sec carebears that never attempt PVP in the first place.

Good luck out there.


Thank you Io Koval

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