Should I give up on Eve Online?

I love the idea of Eve Online. I read stories about it and want to be in the the battles I’m reading about. The intrigue and the excitement of dealing with other players seems like it would create a perfect mix of what I would like. But it never works out.

My character was started in 2014 and I seem to come back every year or so to try again. But the game always seems to find a way to keep me from enjoying it. Normally it’s the Corp I’m in dying off from players not returning. But just now it was from being kicked from a Corp only 24 hours after joining.

I joined a Corp that is a member of Goonswarm and took the plunge off to delve. It took 20 hours of my time from filling out paperwork and setting up things just how the Corp and alliance wants it to going through multiple interviews (seriously, why is this complicated process a thing to be able to join and contribute to an organization). Once I changed my home base (and went through 40+ jumps) I headed off to go to the designated alliance market. Along the way I was caught in a warp bubble by someone supposedly a friendly (they were blue). They set their drones on me and held me in place. I responded by releasing my drones (weak level ones) on them. I was easily destroyed as I had no ammunition and a ship not at all intended for pvp. It wasn’t even possible for me to do real damage to them. They were in a battle cruiser. I just thought “he’s shooting me, I’ll shoot him.”

Then a bit ago I get a message saying I’ve been kicked from the Corp. The CEO sends me an email saying I am a muppet and that they expect more from their members. Says I should’ve just let him kill me.

So after taking up 20 hours of my time with their process I’m out and probably can’t even join any Corp near me. I don’t know if I even want to spend the time getting into another Corp. All this time over the years and I’ve still yet to get into a pvp fleet, chat over a microphone with another player, or take part in a battle.

My question is this: does the Eve Online I’m imagining actually exist? Because so far it seems like it’s just tight knit groups of people laughing at the outsiders. Honestly it’s feeling like if you don’t know people IRL you are not going to have a good time in Eve Online. Should I cancel my subscription and move onto another game or what? Has anyone had these experiences?

I didn’t use the name of the Corp on purpose. I’m not trying to cause problems with anyone.


Hello not your merciful.

I’m sorry to hear about your recent experience.

Unfortunately I’ve had a very similar experience. Yes - there are very nasty people who play Eve and who have leading positions in so-called great corps like the one you mentioned.

Don’t let these horrible experiences ruin the game for you. There are equally some wonderful folk who play Eve, you just need to find them :innocent:

And once you do, playing Eve will feel a whole lot better.


Sounds like a pretty :poop: corp.

Part of eve is pretty tight knit, but other parts have some pretty open and welcoming corps. I’d say go join some other corp, maybe do a little more research about them before joining this time.


So they kicked you for a 7M loss? I mean, unless you lied in your interview, giving them the impression that you are better than you are, then I honestly don’t see the point. Has null really gone so low, that they are recruiting randoms for 7M killmails?

Anyway, my experience with null in general is pretty meh. The corp that introduced me into null, they were some awesome people so all respect there. However, null itself seems it is populated by a lot of pretty bad players. For example, my first and only experience with a major battle in null, was a battle in H-5GUI where we helped NC. on a structure timer. Before the battle, I was tasked with bubbling up the capital fleet, so people would not warp off in case of disconnects. Lo and behold, I am getting shot at by some pilots in the same cap fleet I’m trying to help, cause someone forgot to blue our corp. Even without the blue, these pilots should be able to see me warp back and forth from the allied fleet and into them. In case of them only looking at the overview and no brackets, since the enemy hadn’t arrived yet, it would make sense, that the random neutral saber in the middle of your whole army and flying into your cap fleet is probably not an enemy. It just shows the incompetence of some null pilots.

The best experience I’ve had in eve has always been flying with some smaller pvp corps, compared to big alliances. So maybe try that or the established new players corps, if you are still learning.


Also try the elite alpha community: just type elite alpha into the chatrooms search box and hit enter. Some very nice people there.

It is what it is and everything aint for everyone. Find your place or make your own way! If after so many years of returning/trying you still havent “figured it out” then maybe Eve just isnt for you.

You wont find anything like Eve out there and will be back so I suggest you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and try again.


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nope :expressionless:


Did anyone ask for his stuff yet? :stuck_out_tongue:


In my experience 70% of players are douche bags. Eve attracts them. This Is why i like one man corps. The only good fleet experiences I’ve really had in eve is flying with real life friends and the 30% of eve players that aren’t douche bags. My fave thing to do in eve is solo play whilst chatting to the people I like in our none corp group chats. Abyssal is my thing recently. I get PVE and PVP in one and I don’t have to deal with all that alliance crap. Find you’re own way in EVE. And especially avoid Delve lol.


You have learned the state of most organisations within EVE Online.You are nothing but a cog in a large machine you have no name no identity and no voice. However this is not the case everywhere and you should aspire toward smaller,independent yet fearsome groups in pvp. It’s within these groups that you can make a name for yourself and improve,it’s where you can improve your game . My best sugestions to you are this- find a group that is relaxed and established either in lowsec,npc 0.0 or wormholes. Their primary activity should involve pvp and the specific corp you chose shouldnt be too big I’d advise a corporation of at most 100 members.

Good luck.

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No, it doesn’t. Eve is Eve.

These people are clearly bottom feeders and you’re better off having had the benefit of this experience earlier rather than once embedded. I wouldn’t leave. I’d pop on my smug face, infiltrate and profit.


In my expierence 99% of EvE player are great people, so you must be the problem.


Side note: Everyone always craps on LS yet other than the tryhards gate camping, there are a ton on nice people down there.

*cough * thought I’d just add that random bit for no real reason…carry on people.

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Op became a victim of ages old Goon tradition of feigning recruiting and then killing player en-route? Strange tho, they usually aim for higher kill value.

Or they just wanted to see OP’s attitude/aptitude and he got caught in a naked sunesis by solo ferox, hence the CEO’s reply of “expecting more” (or they were expecting a higher value kill)…

Edit: @NotYour_Merciful your corp and KB history are kinda strange - you were in Brave for year and a half and have never participated in any of their PvP activities (of which there were and still are plenty).


What makes goons decide whether or not to cheat a player or be nice to him or her?

You must be active at their paid forum ( real $ ) very long before they accept you.

That’s Goons for you.

This useless piece of filth that destroyed you was probably annoyed that he got farmed by our group a couple of days earlier and now had to vent her anger on someone less competent than her.

Sad to hear this has happened to you but then again: Whoever joins CFC also does not deserve better. Joining this group is one of the worst sins you can commit in EVE because they are responsible for so much hardship and missed out content in EVE. Every character who joins them makes things worse. Join someone else (not TEST please) to help fix this great disparity in EVE.

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I know I’m going to take a break for awhile. I’ve plexed three accounts with real money for some time now even though I could easily plex all three accounts with isk.

Every patch release is hyped as some great improvement and to me not a single release has been noteworthy.

There are so many interesting directions this game could go but the devs have chosen to ignore their player base.

I’m sure I’ll return at some point but probably not until some new exciting things are added to the game.

you wil wait, alot :laughing: