How to use my Black Ops jump generator?

Actually Black Ops Battleship can be used for PvE, mainly for exploration in low and null sec space. Course it would be a Covert team consisting of at least 1/2 dozen fleet mates, preferable more. Basic Fleet formation like this:

1x Covert Ops Frigate fit with Cloak, Probe Launcher and Covert Cynosural Field Generator = Main scout and anchor for fleet warp to.

1-2x Force Recon Cruiser fit with Cloak, Probe Launcher and Covert Cynosural Field Generator = Secondary scout anchor and backup DPS for Covert Ops Frigate when Cyno is active.

2-3x Stealth Bomber Frigate fit with Cloak = Surprise surgical strike team when Fleet is engaged.

2-3x Strategic Cruiser fit with Cloak and Ewar / Logistic = Fleet support and backup DPS.

1x Blockade Runner fit with Cloak = Jump Fuel and loot transport.

1x Black Ops Battleship fit with Cloak and Covert Jump Portal Generator = Fleet Jump and main DPS.

This is something I’ve been thinking about for quite a while. Basic idea is the Cov Ops Frigate / Force Recon Cruisers scout and probe systems for signatures while monitoring system activity, when a good area is selected, Force Recon Cruisers Cloak up and provide backup for Cov Ops Frigate which lights up Cov Cyno, Black Ops Battleship jumps Fleet into system. Covert Ops Frigate continues to scout and probe other systems while Fleet runs sites. All ships have option to cloak up in safe spots if needed when a large roaming PvP gang shows in local.

Something something improbability drive :smiley:


With a 1% chance of turning into a bowl of petunias! :rofl:


Oh no, not again!


That’s 8 pilots in the list as a basic, up to 11 or so. I’m pretty sure the income from that split 8 ways or more is going to make it a whole lot less effective than some way cheaper options. When I asked why someone would PvE in a black ops I guess I was leaning more toward efficiancy as a yard stick. I can see how your way would be fun tbh, but it doesn’t make black ops a legitimate choice for income grinding PvE in the classic sense most would consider it.

Funny, who said anything about solo game play. Besides, thought the main Eve meme was all about group play, especially in an MMORPG.

Anyway, not everybody’s idea of fun is grinding ISK per hr. In fact that pretty much sounds more like work instead of fun.

But hey, to each their own.

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You know very well the vast majority of people see PvE as an income raising tool over and above a fun group experience. Your fleet idea sounds fun, but distinctly un-profitable which is why you would only see rank amateurs skill injecting into Blops for PvE.

PvE as an income raising tool? The only players who view PvE like that are PvP fanatics. In fact the majority of PvE players bypass PvP to engage in PvE content for fun.

Unprofitable? That fleet formation would scan, find and complete a lot more signatures than any solo player could hope to do and in the process collect a lot more Faction / Deadspace mods. And that loot is most definitely profitable.

Rank Amateurs? Only a pretentious arse would think or say that. I have well over 190 mill SP’s including all skills pertaining to Blk Ops. Now a lot of those skills I rarely use and some I may never use. However when the need arises at least I’ll be ready instead of having to wait for those skills to train when I actually needed them.

Not always. A lot of people i know that fly with me in incursions are not PVPers, they just want more isk because thats what you need to do to try things out, irrespective of PVP or PVE.

That may be the case for you and your circle of friends.

Hell, most of my friends in-game are PvE players who, just like me, are well established with skills, implants, equipment and a sizable wallet amount which allows us to try out all kinds of things.

Most of us don’t even worry about nor even need to grind ISK. For fun we spend our time doing content that we enjoy, ISK gained from that is just a side benefit at best.

Well its the same reason why new players grind isk through mining. It doesnt matter if they want to PVP or PVE, they see a lot of cool ships that cost like 300, 400 million isk, and they need the isk. Entry-level incursion fits are a lot cheaper than the blingy PvE ships that a lot of people fly, so they come to incursions.

Obviously yes. Famously so.

Absolute rubbish. The crap state of PvE has actually been one of the most common complaints about EvE in recent years, and it’s not the PvP guys who are complaining. If pretending PvE in EvE is group play centred and based around fun rather than income helps your withered point then by all means cling to it, but it just isn’t true.

Again yes, obviously.

That’s false economics, you’re suggesting that if 8 people (the minimum fleet you posted) can make more than one person solo then it’s profitable. I put it to you that your version of things is laughable, and that you cannot seriously be suggesting all 8 pilots will emerge richer than if they each explored separately in standalone ships that cost loads less than a single black ops.

I mean I never said anything about you being unskilled, just terrible at maths. As a secondary point however, someone’s total SP has little relevance on their categorization as an amateur but rather their grasp of the game and it’s mechanics as a whole.

You might have loads of SP but you still think an 8 man PvE fleet including an incredibly expensive purely PvP biased ship and lots of other un-necessary bling counts as profitable. Although you actually compared the performance of your entire fleet to a SOLO PLAYER when you were explaining how profitable it would be…

This is correct and why I do not engage in PvE. That said, it is not a feeling the majority of the playerbase shares, as evidenced by the fact most people are solo ISK grinding their PvE and the group play is either Incursions or “fun fleets” like yours, that sacrifice profitability for extra social value.

Since you don’t engage in PvE content anything you say about the topic is irrelevant. Especially since you think a solo player can make more ISK per hr than 2 or more players working together. The only person here who is terrible at math with a poor grasp of the game and it’s mechanics is you. Not to mention you saying skills are not relevant? Dude, you seriously need to stop portraying that bullcrap as factual truth.

After the Apocrypha Expansion was added to the game I use to run PvE Exploration Fleet Ops. It was a lot of fun and the sites were completed a lot quicker than doing them solo. That right there makes it much more profitable.

The downside was that I had to do all the scanning and get multiple sites bookmarked in advance for the Fleet. Then about 1/2 dozen or more medium skilled members from the starter Corp would fleet up in Cruisers and Battlecruisers to run the sites. Despite the fact that those players were medium skilled, the sites would get completed very quickly so I’d have the Fleet run anomalies while I scanned down more sites to run.

With the Covert Fleet that I listed, at least 3 or more of those ships would be able to scan for sites making that aspect much faster as well as yield a lot more sites. Also the entire Fleet working together would complete those sites much quicker. And since this would be done in low / null sec space, the loot itself would be a lot more valuable which makes it more profitable.

Anyway, don’t bother replying, your biased opinion doesn’t hold squat.

You don’t need to engage in something to hear all about it. I can also do maths better than you so there’s that.

Please quote directly where I said that. You’re just lying now.

I do however think that 2 players doing PvE solo will make more combined than they would if they teamed up to run each site faster. This is evidenced by the fact that people blitz missions / sites etc solo for better efficiancy. They’ve all had a loooong time to test the waters dude, and your way has not been found to be the more efficiant. If it was, everyone would be doing it. It’s more efficient to run incursions as a team because you get access to the bigger sites, and that’s why everyone does it like that.

Really you’re dancing around my words again. I said earlier the 8 people you listed would make more seperately than together in that fleet you listed. You justified your 8 man fleet idea by saying it would be more profitable than a single solo pilot. I pointed out that when slit 8 ways the profits would look a lot smaller than if they each explored in an efficient way, which is true because the site runners have to split their profits with the guys who are scanning, the hauler guy and the incredibly expensive Blops battlship :smile:

In order for your 8 man team to make more ISK than 8 people solo, you would have to run the sites more than 8 times as fast as each the 8 solo guys, which anyone with any experience of EvE at all knows to be a pretty huge stretch outside of Incursions. It’s basic.

It’s always been funny how much you consider yourself the voice of the masses.

And you were doing this with a blops fleet…?

I mean, i guess im having a hard time grasping the concept here. Sure, having a group of 8 people scan is going to make it faster, but when you consider the fact that all loot is divided amongst the 8, youre gonna break even with someone who is solo. Possibly a bit faster with running with your teamates, but really thats balanced with the amount of fuel you use plus travel time.

But the problem i see is the cost of running such a setup. Its a lot of risk to put out when you could do it for a fraction of the cost and get similar isk per hour.

It might be good as a fun fleet or if youre okay to sacrifice a bit of time and possibly isk to help new players out, but for someone who is serious in his isk making, it doesnt seem viable.

Dude, try reading the entire statement before posting your incorrect assertions in a feeble rushed attempt to prove me wrong. Didn’t say I was doing it with a Blk Ops Covert Fleet. It was a Fleet filled with medium skilled players in Cruisers and Battlecruisers from NPC starter Corp.

Obviously all you can do is twist everything around and portray it out of context, constantly fixated on grinding ISK. Not to mention you overly inflate and exaggerate the cost while misrepresenting and downplaying the value of possible loot returns. Plus you conveniently ignore the fact that 3 or 4 players scanning and bookmarking sites can cover a lot more territory than a solo player. That means more opportunity to find and complete the higher more lucrative sites. Haven’t even mentioned RNG aspect of how billions could be easily made just from a few sites.

My initial statement was about how a Blk Ops could be used for PvE content and in rebuttal you had to make it all about ISK grinding / min max profit crap after I said it would be oriented towards fun fleet action. You already admitted to not doing PvE content yet you still gotta post your crapass opinions and portray them as factual truth. What’s sad is you actually believe your own BS. Due to your lack of experience with the topic, your statements concerning PvE content is not only irrelevant, it’s also a waste of time.

Wow, uh, no need to get so hostile and angry man. Were talking about Black ops ships being used for PVE, arent we? I mean, i hope you havent forgotten what you said previously in this thread:

And no, im not trying to “prove you wrong”, its why i asked you if you were doing this with a BLOPS fleet, hence the question mark. This is the topic at hand, Black Ops ships being used for PVE.

Stop being so angry and hostile man. Lighten up.

Children you both made fair points, but this is not quite the place to fight with one another.

For I’m not even one year old and consider myself still apprentice, I have to second DeMichael. Ratting NPC content in new ships I just skilled is a “cheap” way to learn some basics about the ship and its handling. How to use complicated modules? To train standard manoeuvres until I don’t have to think about how to use them (which order for the cloak trick :wink: ) without losing a fair amount of ships sounds tempting to me.
And for a newb, just the bounty of a joint Lvl4 mission is much money.

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