How to use my Black Ops jump generator?

I dont think you understand what “Second” means, and i dont think you understand what you wrote.

Merriam Webster: to second (verb): “to support or assist in contention or debate”
And please, when being bossy about language, try to write properly.

I always keep in mind that we are in a “New Citizens” forum, so I try to keep a newbro’s point of view. That’s what I talk about. You may be absolutely right for well skilled and experienced players, but I consider DeMichael’s setup for Black Ops PvE a cool opportunity to learn how to handle ships you’ve just reached skills for without losing hundreds of millions of ISK in PvP. And for I already did that with other ship classes, I think I know what I am talking about. Or I just become that kind of pinata I met (and shot at) yesterday in lowsec:
Of course it takes probably another year for me to reach these skills, I just skilled covert Ops and still struggle with T1 BS because I focus on T2 Frig skills atm.

TL/DR: Perhaps (probably?) I don’t understand what you wrote, but I certainly understand what I wrote.


This is why i said you dont understand what the word “Second” means, because what you wrote is in direct contradiction to what DeMichael wrote.

Demichaels setup for PVE will occur in lowsec and Nullsec. In areas of space where people will gatecamp, and can scan you down and counter-hot drop you.

Everything you do in PVE, you can learn all of that in hisec, minus the right clicking on the Blops ship and jumping through. Its not like a stealth bomber is vastly different in handling when used in lowsec than in hisec. And everything can be done in almost perfect safety. Moreover, there are better ships out there that can do the same thing, too.

Demichael, by his own admission, wrote that fleet type because it would be fun, and not as a cheap way to learn BLOPS fleet.

You havent "Second"ed anything, because you havent written anything that remotely supports what Demichael said.

I understood exactly what he wrote. Not sure what you’re trying to prove here. He was talking about the various ships I listed, not Blk Ops Battleship specifically. Also why do you guys keep saying Low and Null sec systems are constantly camped and players will get caught. Good job on making players scared to ever enter low/null sec systems.

By the way, anyone else in the same system as the Cov Fleet wouldn’t be able to catch them. The Cov Fleet would see them and if need be, just safe up before any probes could catch them. Also a Blk Ops Battleship doing MWD/Cloak trick would be hard to catch. Plus it actually wouldn’t jump into other systems without having scout action first.

Doing PvE content in that fleet I listed would help establish and refine tactics for working together as a team. The fleet composition would be fit for DPS, Ewar, Logistics, Scouting and Supply plus have stealth capability for surprise strike action. Also there isn’t any other ship out there that can do the job of moving a Cov Ops Fleet better than a Blk Ops Battleship.

For every doomsday scenario you guys present there’s an equally opposite counter for it. The only reason you guys are so hell bent on trying to present my Cov Fleet idea as un-doable is because I presented a scenario where a Blk Ops Battleship would actually work for PvE content, especially after you all said a Blk Ops Battleship wouldn’t work for PvE content.

You guys have forgotten that this game is suppose to be fun, not a freakin’ job of constantly figuring out spreadsheets for optimum ISK generation. Give it a rest already … seriously.

Calm down. No one said constantly.

But that possibility is the reality of null/low, and telling new players anything else, will only make them lose ships they could avoid losing.

No one said it wouldnt work.

Again, no one said that the game isnt supposed to be fun.

What were saying is that if youre going to ask a new player why he wants to do PVE, whether it be mission running or mining, they are going to answer, because they want to make ISK.

If we asked the person who started this thread, why he wanted to be able to use his jump drive in order to jump around Hisec, what do you honestly think his answer wouldve been?

Do you think he wouldve said that it wouldve been a lot more fun to jump around?

Or do you think he wouldve said that it wouldve minimized his travel time, and allow him to make more isk, faster?

Having fun is fine. Running a L4 in an assault frigate for fun, is fine. But I run with The Valhalla project, Warp to me all the time, and the new players who come in, are there for the ISK. They want ISK. So much so that the mere fact that they are making so much ISK, is fun for them.

How much ISK you make as a new player, is an important factor for PVE. Im an advocate for Fun/HR, but I understand the requirement for new players to make isk. A lot of my fun requires me to spend hundreds of millions of isk. And i used to run a lot of incursions because ti was the best way to maximize my ISK/HR, so that i didnt have to spend more time on grinding ISK and do the things I love.

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Seriously, you need to calm down yourself. The topic was never about ISK generation nor about optimal ship usage.

Bottom line is someone stated that a Blk Ops Battleship couldn’t be used for PvE content. I provided a scenario where it could be used. Instead of accepting it, all of a sudden pitchforks and torches are brought out in a failed attempt to crucify it.

Instead of tossing out more stuff in the hope that something sticks, just let it ride already.

Youre the one shouting out baseless accusations.

The topic was never about Blops being used for PVE content, either. And Tipa Riot didnt say that Blops couldnt be used for PVE, she said it wasnt suitable for that sort of use, and that there are better ships out there that would run solo PvE in hisec, in a much better capacity. Which she was right.

So give it a rest, already? I mean, youre the one who keeps replying back to us.

So now it’s all about solo PvE. Before it was about new players needing to grind ISK. Before that it was all about optimal ship usage. Man you just keep moving the goalposts.

I provided a scenario where a Blk Ops Battleship would be useful and beneficial in doing PvE content. You and Keno tried to discount and disprove it by throwing all kinds of failcrap at it. So now you insist on posting even more BS in a vain attempt to find something that will stick.

Don’t know why you keep trying to prove me wrong but as long as you keep posting, I’ll keep replying…

Dunno if you remember the feeling, but the first jump is fun indeed. Trying freshly skilled gadgets, flying (and building) new ships - that’s what I love to do in New Eden.

Tipa Riot Said it is. You said you were responding to “Someone” that Black Ops Battleships couldnt be used for PVE content.

Not moving the goalpost. Try again.

Not sure why you cant do this alone.

Not Moving the goalpost. Try again.

…For grinding ISK, yes. No difference in what you said the sentence before.

Not moving the goalpost. Try harder.

Again, let me quote the original post that you claim you were responding to. Since there was only one person, Tipa Riot, who had even mentioned anything about Blackops not being useful in PVE, she was the only person you could possibly be responding to:

We all understood what Tipa Riot meant. She is saying that In PVE, making ISK in hisec, whether in groups or solo, isnt viable in a black ops when compared to other ships that do the job, far better, and at similar or cheaper prices.

Well, atleast most of us understood. One of us didnt. One of us tried to peddle a scenario where you could PVE in nullsec(Off topic, we were talking bout Hisec), for fun(Again, off topic, we are talking about a new player trying to make isk more efficiently, hence the decrease in travel time, hence Jump drives).

Nice try though. But please, keep trying to point out where i was wrong.

It depends on what im jumping in to. :slight_smile:

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Dude, you’re not only way off base with your assumptions and accusations, you’re also a liar. I never claimed to be replying to Tipa Riot and I don’t care what system security level the topic was about. The OP asked how to make the Jump Generator work on a Blk Ops Ship. That was it, nothing more.

I actually responded to what Keno said who stated this:
Why on earth would you use a black ops for PvE?

I explained how it could be used for PvE content and out came the Pitchforks and Torches trying in vain to disprove it. Now you’re so hell bent on proving me wrong that you’ll reach for anything. Good luck on that, the more you post the more foolish you appear.

Bottom line is you’re wrong in saying a Blk Ops Battleship can’t be used to do PvE content.

Not lying, if you actually took the time to read what i wrote, you would understand. Tipa Riot was the one who actually said they were not useful, whereas Keno asked why you would use it.

Remember what you wrote? This applies to Tipa Riot, more than Keno.

But hey, if you want to do some revisionist history, go right ahead.

Now, ill call you a liar. I never said that.

Infact, in every post, i have discussed how we are not saying that.

Do you understand context, at all?

Since youre the one who keeps making wild accusations, and then not actually addressing any of the arguments, not really, no. You are the one making yourself look foolish. Perhaps you are looking in a mirror and pointing at the reflection? Spoiler alert: Youre laughing at yourself.

Heh, you post just like Keno, probably another character of his.

I gotta admit you’re good at finding something to bite down on and not let go, just like a rabid pit bull. I take it back, you don’t look foolish, seems you just wanna troll and incite a flame war. So I said couldn’t instead of shouldn’t, big freaking deal.

So now you’re dissecting every single word I use, trying to find something to discredit my initial reply of how a Blk Ops Battleship can be used to do PvE content.

munches on popcorn in the background

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I don’t think there is any liar, only different point of views.
I like you all guys here, you give great advice and ideas, so why we just call it a tie and try to solve other problems? Like “how to kill a hundred shuttles in Low without losing too much sec status”?

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The beauty of EVE is that you can fly any ship for any damn you reason you choose.

While you might be scoffed at using a Bhaalgorn to complete lvl1 mission (and maybe a bad idea doing it in a mission where you learn about ship loss and proceed to explode your ship), you have every right to do just that.

The OP asked a simple question, blackop ships while really cool can only jump from Highsec to Low along with the explanation about cynos. That should have been it. As the OP I would think that sucks but would understand the game mechanics is there for a reason and does not allow it but I still would not care because I am flying a ship I like.

Now if you excuse me I need to buy more plex to replace that Bhaalgorn loss.


Nice deflection there.

I guess youve stopped all pretence on trying to respond to my arguments. But thanks for that Red Herring Fallacy though.

I said this 4 posts ago.

4 posts ago. 2 days ago.

And now youre portraying it as if i had suddenly, out of the blue, had gotten the idea to “discredit” you by bringing something up out of the blue, for the first time, as if i hadnt been trying to do this for the past 2 days.


Keep going.

Cause youre looking more and more foolish.

No pretense, got better things to do than waste my time doing this merry-go-round BS with you.

So you say using a Blk Ops Battleship for PvE content will work, ok fine, not sure what your argument is anymore and quite frankly, I don’t care.

I’ve seen blops running sites, mostly high end DED sites in null sec.

Of course, you’re using a 5bil ship to run a site that you could run in a 1bil ship, and I doubt it’s faster… So yeah, it’s possible, but WHY?!?

It’s also a great way to paint a target on your head. I’ll typically ignore a T3C who’s halfway in a DED complex, since they’re pretty much impossible to catch. A battleship though…