Eve can be saved!

In mi opinion the biggest problem of eve is the time based skills training. With some other way to gain skill points I think will be a lot better and more players will join… if the most valuable thing in our lives that eve needs is changed (that’s the time) …personally I don’t have time to play in corps, I don’t know when I can get online, I don’t know if I can be every day online and apparently that’s a big problem in eve corps … so for casual players and new players wold be a lot more fun to struggle for skill points… that’s mi personal opinion and that’s watts bothers me from the beginning of mi experience with eve. I got to say its a unique game anyway of the changes it suffers but still no one can finger point on its biggest problems …maybe this will help evolve the game experience and open the eyes of the people that doesn’t want to see the big picture.

I have been thinking about firing half of the community team and redirecting the other half to fixing game mechanics and doing WIS at last, but maybe I am mad and Hilmar is actually doing the right thing leaving it all to SKIN sales and alphas. :thinking:

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So you can’t play every day… Yet instead of being happy that you can still passively earn skill points and train when not logged in… You want to be forced to grind for skill points when you do get the chance to log in???

You want to trade away the ability to set a skill to train and come back after a day or week away to have that skill finished, for the chance to have to spend your game time grinding for those skill points?

You also seem to be ignoring that this is already possible. Grind for isk, buy skill injector. You want another way?

I am just missing a good reason why this needs to change. I’m happy to play a game where I am subscribed but even if I don’t play for a day or week I still get value out of my subscription. So why change?


Also… Have you tried joining a corp? I have yet encounter one so draconian that you must log in every day. I don’t doubt a few exist but they seem to be rare. Most corps understand that there is a life outside of the game. Are you sure that in this case you are letting rumors and incorrect assumptions cloud your gaming experience?

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Grinding for SP is even worse for people like you: Under this mechanic you would have to log in every day to achieve any progress at all. And it would be little progress with each short session for you casuals because pro players who are logged in 20/7 to grind cannot be allowed to complete skilling all the things in a month or two.

Before you ask for active skill grinding instead of passive skill point gain, please think about the consequences for your own playstyle. :wink:


The skill system is actually one of the games strengths. You can simply sit back and earn roughly 20 million SP per year as a subscriber. Or you can purchase skillpoints on the market, or you can actually sell skillpoints you don’t need to someone else.

CCP seems to be moving in a direction where they monetize the game by selling skillpoints rather than gametime.


If I understand you correctly you want the ability to get SP sort of like the drone fest going on, my God man, it’s already a farmer’s market with people farming them like crazy, you honestly want to add this you will have such an aggressive form of farming going on, including RMT, it would become absolutely an insane asylum.

No thanks, but I understand, most people want fast gratification, but that never does make it fun, after a while it will become a crazed rinse and repeat that will be awful and no satisfaction can be had, the journey, it’s about the journey, not just getting there, trust me.


To me, that degrades Eve into another bloatware wannabe @ndroid app where you with epic 30 second battles to fit in the timeframe of the attention span of most of us here in North America, at least. If I wanted something I didn’t have to invest my time in… I wouldn’t spend my time in Eve -plain and simple. Eve is Eve and renowned for its requirement of investment of time, effort, and has a steep learning curve for the general population. If it waivers from these basic things, it is not Eve.

Let CCP make an app for those that don’t want to invest in their hobby/second life, if they choose…but leave these as it is in this way. I am glad I can’t fly a Komodo yet. If I could, I would have flown it for a day, then moved on to some other thing… until i found something like Eve.


While I have used this to skill up once, I am not happy at all that I did. It’s like buyers remorse. It totally ruined the experience for my and now I limit this activity to SISI. I am a year old, been training for a Widow for a year. Still not there yet… Not at all unhappy about it (except I don’t think I want to fly a Widow… now that I have more experience lol). Many of our skills we can cross train for other tasks/ships too, and as we age and skill up they open up the game nice and slow to us… Just like experience in RL…

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ah yea… no.

As someone who’s been here since 2009 and skillin the entire time, its the game. There is no, instant gratification button and the day they install one is the day they lose what I’d expect to be 90% of the player base.

I’m still butt hurt that Alpha’s get whatever million skill points that I paid for months (years?) for and are now given away for free. And we that paid for them, didn’t get anything in compensation for the change of policy. But, it’s their game and I’ll continue to play it as long as I see value. (which is diminishing “update” by “update”)


I am not a fan of the Alpha thing either. I got 50K when I began as a bonus or something, and that was enough to set me on my way (I didn’t know how to use them for 2 months anyhow hehe). I have seen this diminish in the very short time I have been playing also. I do have fears for the pressure from the general population of gamers whos curiosity and the status they perceive drives them to place a demand for lower entry requirements and when they “get inside”, pressure for instant gratification that the masses love so much. Eve is a niche for, lets face it, smarter gamers. I have met gamers (I do not have any gaming background whatsoever prior to Eve) who bow when you tell them you are an Eve Capsuleer, and especially when they find out you haven’t just got your feet wet and ran away. I didn’t expect this from Eve, but I do wear it with a certain little pride. I love Eve and as long as it remains true to Eve I will remain loyal -so will my wallet.


Let me get this straight…

  1. You are time constrained in your playing time.
  2. You get SP even when you aren’t logged in playing.
  3. But you want to slow that down because you want to make SP something tied to playing the game…that you are constrained from doing as much as you might like (see 1 above).
  4. So having less SP will make you happier?

Is that an accurate summary?

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we can already grind for sp
farm isk and buy skill injectors



There’s nothing forcing you to turn on the skill queue. :slight_smile:

–Hard(ish)-Mode Gadget

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You completely miss why eve is superior to a game like WoW. Skilling up when not in game so that you improve and can get “better” vs having to raid constantly to get dkp to put to a BOP that drops for your class. And now that you can actually buy skill points with isk kinda blows open your argument.

Eve has been saved!

All it needed was the ability to grind for SP (thank you OP for sharing this truth with us), and as others have pointed out it now has it with injectors, so Eve is saved.


Does this mean the end to the “Eve is dying” posts?


The main reason I’ve kept with EVE is that I don’t have to grind skill points, it is what sets it apart from so many other games.

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I felt the same way when I 1st started… I thought it was cool that I didn’t have to grind exp… I just had to wait my time… back then I was training a few days to week skill… that perk of passive experience gains was ok… now im at skills that takes a couple of months to complete to 5… so im paying to wait for skills to unlock for a fraction of performance improvement… nah it just doesn’t pay off… they need to fix the skill grind.

Sounds like your way of playing Eve is most definitely not fun.

Me, I pay to play the game. The training happens irregardless of this.


So… you’re saying you want all skills for free, instantly? Um, too bad?

Every game in existence has some kind of grind. Part of what makes a game is investing time and/or effort for some kind of reward. If you want to “level up” without a grind of some kind, get a scrap of paper, some crayons, and draw yourself as an astronaut.