What Happened to EVE?

I got decloaked mid warp in a trig system once, to my bewilderment. The trig god guns then blew me up. I wrote to customer support to ask what happened. They just replaced my ship without me even asking them to.

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What, you’re only Silver Member status? Gold Plus subs get their ships reimbursed before they even can buy them off the Jita market.


The fact one had to struggle to build skill points was one of Eve’s unique features, you simply had to wait to try that new ship. I miss the old days.


You can safely ignore any skill injectors and still wait for any skill to complete the traditional way.

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What difference does it make? It’s not a race and there are no leaderboards. Why would you care if it’s a 10 year old veteran or a 1 year char with injected skills that blows you up with that blinged Tengu? If they don’t have the player skill, they will just die in bigger ships. I understand the distaste for buying skillpoints but if that’s pay to win, then what is buying PLEX, which has always been there? Buying skillpoints and ISK saves you time, but it doesn’t give you an advantage that other players can’t counter. I’m not a huge fan of injecting SP either but it’s not game breaking in my opinion.

Why doesn’t CCP revamp the ship insurance system so that it is an out-of-game monthly payment system? Any ship you lose gets replaced for $20 extra a month.

That’s what buying PLEX is for.

I fully understand this, I’m just pointing out that the fact we had to wait IS what made Eve unique and in a hardcore realistic category of it’s own. Many of us liked the strict, hard, doomed environment where you had to work for absolutely every ship you flew, there was no way around it you simply had to wait, this is the true, dark, unrelentless, unforgiving Eve online I know and want.


Go buy yourself some skins from the NES. It will cheer you up.

While at my age in game, I can whole heartedly agree. At the time, I was only 5 yrs behind the bitter old vets and thought I can live with that. I didn’t have an interest in going to the null blocs/caps so it wasn’t a big deal to me. I could handle 5 yrs.

I think I would have a hard time if I was told as a new player, it was a 20 yr game and I had absolutely no way to ever catch up to the bov’s. It’s just a game and I think that’s just asking too much these days. :thinking:

Yes you might be right, after a certain time it would be hard for a newer player to compete and with injectors one can catch up quickly. I suppose rigid skill training games have to become FTP/Pay to win at some point otherwise the gap between players might get too big.

I would say limit the injectors to sub caps. A good middle road to me anyway. That might even slow down botting.

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First , it’s been awhile.my last log ins were back 2009.
Eve is still the universe size hamster wheel it always was ,an experiment in personal brain chemistry manipulating the reward centers with artificial stimulus.Are you an instant rewards kind of guy or a “I work for my isk “ type of player . Life is about competition, but you decide what is really important.
Many years ago I came out of the chute chatting up my new fellow capsuleers . I successfully made 2 friends the first day. I miss them. And I can tell you that was the way. People make Eve.fly safe.

Swipe your credit card and find out.

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Those Orca skins in there don’t seem to cheer me up enough to undock right now.

Why isn’t there an Orca headhunter skin?

We all grew up, sometimes the answer might be simple. We should celebrate the success eve has had as the people who have experienced Eve since the start are a unique type of gamer. I started eve when I was 24 now I am 44, life has changed for me and suddenly I just don’t have all night to play Eve and work the next day like I did in my twenties.

The concept of an online multiplayer game was huge back in 2003 as only a handful of games had actually achieved it. Now everybody creates online multiplayers so we are all used to the multiplayer concept. The gaming market has seen change and the way it works is developers must feed the market with what they want.

Maybe I will stick around for a few more years yet, and use this game for making online friends, Eve players do have lots in common, we are all crazy about sci-fi, astronomy, science, in some shape or form so I’m just going to take it easy and make friends.

Perhaps because the orca is ship being hunted?

What happened to EVE?

It got old in more ways than one.

And CCP didn’t help much…

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In all honesty, this feels like the take.

In the long-ago, the game that was EVE was one hell of a thing. While undeniably a niche product, for those who “got it” - There was nothing else quite like it on the market.

People obviously come and go along with the seasons of their life, and it’s perfectly fine to look back fondly at what you remember as your own glory-days in the game.

However I must admit I found OP’s post rather amusing as… From my perspective - The patch I look back most fondly on was actually Castor (when everything was still exciting and undiscovered) and IMO EVE really lost its soul in 2007 following the T20 scandal!

Oh sure, there were plenty of good-times still to come, but to my mind that was the point were “adult supervision” was brought in and CCP started behaving more as you’d expect from a corporation marketing a product, obeying the money-men & furthering the interests of the shareholders.

It was inevitable it’d have happened sooner or later, and was arguably an indicator of their success…. Nevertheless, something of their spirit was sacrificed on the altar of capitalism in the process.

What OP fondly remembers as their own version of “early eve” - I remember as the “Greed is good” era – Perspective is a funny thing.

We all get older and move on with our lives - It’s only natural the game itself should evolve and move with the times to try and cater to the tastes of todays audience, rather than those of the past.

There’s little point crying over spilt milk but having finally “won EVE” a couple of years back - I’d only logged-in after being struck by a bout of nostalgia and TBH … I simply can’t recognize it as the game I once loved any more, to the point where it doesn’t even trigger bittervet sentiments.

EVE has moved on, as have I. While somewhat bittersweet, the indifference to the current state of it just confirms that there’s really nothing left for me here anymore. Ultimately, i think my mistake was looking back rather than forwards in the first place.

To those currently experiencing their own good-times – More power to you, I hope you enjoy them while they last!


I got in at a good time. I got my $$$ worth. :smiley: