No incentive to buy injectors after 50 mill SP

(Videles Silenthunter) #1

Like the title says, after 50 mill SP the amount an injector give is reduced to 300k. Before that I used to regulary buy some plex to get two injectors -which is good money for the game- but to spend 20 euro on just 600k points (25% reduction in value) made me loose that incentive. Which is kind of a shame since the game is loosing money this way.

My alt could use it but then I would be doing similar stuff, so also not really worth it in my opninion and spending an average 50 euro a month on a game as before is already enough for me.

(erg cz) #3

Dude I am over 70 millions SP and I spent like 30 euro of real money in my whole eve journey. Just get patient, you will get where you want, with time… no shame as long as you do what is fun for you .

(Avaelica Kuershin) #4

Gets worse at 80M. I think you’re expected to buy injectors with ISK you’ve generated in-game.

(Mizhir) #5

It’s called dimishing returns. It’s working as intended. And just wait till you get above 80mil SP. Then it’s only 150k you get :wink:

(Cu'lo) #6

80m is my limit, 150k is a rip off

(hmskrecik) #7

Extra money is sweet but players’ engagement is sweeter. And buying outright stuff which used to be earned has this nasty tendency of crippling the latter.

I understand your logic but I do not agree with it.

(Ralph King-Griffin) #8

Good, thats the point.

(Mortlake) #9


(Awesome Possum) #10

get skill points one second at a time, like the rest of us did.

(Tipa Riot) #11

Same, pumped Tipa to 80 when injectors came out. Normal training since then.

(Piugattuk) #12

Why spend money on SI, I might see in the beginning if you’re trying to point yourself in a direction, but at some point with enough skills you should be making ISK easily enough to afford them, I think you’re problem is not the diminishing returns but lack of plans on what you want out of the game, stop buying them, sit back and make a plan by seeing first what activities you like doing.

(Rocket Hellfire) #13

If only something like passive skill-point progression was a thing… oh wait, it is…

I got my main from 500k-110 Million sp before injectors were even a twinkle in Hilmar’s eye.

I had to mine in a fkn BANTAM for a month. (Now you get a Venture 10 min in.)

Orcas were a 3 month plan JUST TO SIT IN THEM!!! (Matter of a few days now.)

Itty V?!?!?! omfg -.- (30 min today. Took well over a month before.)

Cry about BUYING your skill points all you want. You probably aren’t aware of LEARNING SKILLS…

I almost wish all those things were still with us, then the weak-links such as yourself would be sieved out.

(Cu'lo) #14

salty old timer ^

(Fluffy Moe) #15

I still buy them, but not like I used to. What I do now is just use extra ingame income and actually, I have been doing that since about 28 mil SP using various farms. For example I ended up with a few extra bil from the first few days of booster farm on the current event, screw it, pumped it into skill injectors and finally finished my Loki training, just used them for Minnatar cruisers 5 and sub systems 5. Let the rest train as normal.

So there is incentive, just no where near as powerful.

(JC Mieyli) #16

not me i injected most my sp i injected 20m sp when i made this char

(JC Mieyli) #17

you probably also trained your destroyers and bcs to 5 back when it was just one skill for each
now you have to train 4 skills for each

(Nasar Vyron) #18


Seriously though… HTFU. You really do have thing so much better today then us salty vets and it’s honestly the instant gratification types that are destroying the entire industry. So please, have some damn patience. You’ll need it in real life just as much as your video games when you want to accomplish something of meaning. I can promise that if you do you’ll have infinitely more fun and feel good about accomplishing your goals rather than just breaking our your CC every time you see something you want.

(Cu'lo) #19

nothin fun about tech 1 guns :stuck_out_tongue:

(Nasar Vyron) #20

So, what’s so much more fun about T2 guns? What’s wrong with faction? It’s just higher numbers. Same graphics, for most situations same ammo, same ship using them I’d assume. Those higher numbers are what little progression exists within EVE so I see no logical reason to just hand it out. Especially since that’s rarely the main factor when it comes to wining a fight.

(Cu'lo) #21

your side has been defeated old man, move along :slight_smile: /injects