Skill Extractor extracts 500k I only get 300k sp?

How come I purchased 5x skill extractors, filled them each up to 500k but then it only lets me redeem 300k per extractor? Would seem it should say that somewhere. Had I known I would loose 200k each time I used one I never would of purchased them.



It does?

Edit: damn it, question was answered right as I hit comment, lol


This is extremely misleading and tbh some seriously underhanded ■■■■ on CCP. It doesn’t say that when you buy it and fill it up only when you spend it.

Won’t get another dime out of me CCP not one cent.

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You could have literally looked at the Show Info window of the item.


You’re f****d!

It doesn’t really matter how many times its written down, even if it was in big block flashing letters and it screamed it into your headphones before forcing you to accept a disclaimer (the kind that forces you to scroll to the bottom before it let’s you accept).

You’d have still ignored it because it’s clearly in your nature to not read information before buying.


besides the diminish return of the skill injector is made so noobs can “catch” the old players , because the complaint by the noobs before the skill injectors was that they would never “catch” the old players

Yeah man, you failed to failed to do your due diligence and properly arm yourself with all the relevant information before making a major decision. Don’t blame CCP for this; blame yourself.


First off I’m not a noob, I was re-allocating points I bought an extractor not injector soooo who’s not reading before they talk??

[looks at the opening post of this thread]

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i was not implying that you are a noob
i was just talking about the skill injector diminish return mechanic

It’s still shitty underhanded way of doing business. Because I didn’t go to through and search for a possible way to get ■■■■■■? It’s not clear when you purchase it from the EVE store!! So I know being a fanboi must be hard on your knees…

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