Skill extractor limits if any.?

I bought 100 Skill extractors on sale the 2 for 1 sale. Is there a limit to how many extractors that I can extract?? I have 4 Omega accounts and I used 4 skill extractors, from 2 accounts, 2 extractors per account. When I tried to extract from my 3rd or 4th account I got a popup saying there is a problem and contact support??
I read all the info on the skill extractors and could not find any limitations of sorts on extracting from multiple accounts.
Have I missed something ??

You may have accidentally triggered a fraud detection method… or for the account in question the extraction was disabled (but you would remember that you have requested that). I think contacting support would be your best bet.

The character you are extracting from has to have over 5M skill points…
So once you hit the 5M skill point level you can no longer extract till that character has more than 5M skill points again…

See for specifics on restrictions.

If still having trouble, would recommend contacting support.

I did submit a ticket

thank you