Skill Extraction Industry Hit with Regulatory Measures

This is weird. I am being limited to extracting 42 skill injectors (21m SP) from a character in a given day. When I attempt the 43rd, the extraction window opens, the extractor fills with SP, but when I click on “Extract”… nothing.

Wait a day or two, load the same character, and I am able to extract another 42 injectors before fail.

This is happening on multiple characters, multiple accounts. Tried clearing cache, tried deleting the shared cache settings record for the account, tried a 2nd computer, tried drinking heavily, all with consistent fails.

Meanwhile, my customers are clamoring for injectors and I am unable to deliver sufficient volume to the community.

Anybody else experiencing this? How to fix?

Its probably to limit the damage a potential hacker could do to an account


Try an actual session change, like undocking/redocking.

42 is the answer.

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It is the answer to everything!


The limits continue across all characters that I’ve extracted over the last few days with consistency, so I can only conclude that the new restrictions are intended. I’ve changed the headline to convey a more entertaining story line.

Character extractions are now limited to 42 extractors per daily game cycle (I assume the clock resets at down time). I’m not sure why this was implemented, but it would slow down the damage done to a hacked account, as suggested by Cypherous. It may also help boost injector prices and ease PLEX prices by capping daily Injector production volume (and Extractor usage, which consumes a substantial amount of PLEX).

The restrictions may also put downward pressure on Character Bazaar prices, as many characters are purchased for extraction and conversion to Injector farm toons.

A minor inconvenience, easy enough to adapt to, given knowledge of the mechanics of the restrictions.

Double post please close this as the op is byoptic!

I simply restate the game mechanics in play to confirm that my experience was not a one-off event.

If you have nothing to add to the thread, Sol, run along.

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