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I understand that skill extraction only works on omega skills - but does that also apply to those skill levels that are only usable by omega? For example - Mining V is locked behind Omega so is the SP from only Mining V extractable?

I am figuring out what is extractable so I can consolidate my SP into a single character (extract/biomass vs sell the character).


Gers Jakuard

I believe the answer is:

While the account is in Alpha Clone State, characters may only extract skills requiring Omega Clone State. So if the account is Alpha clone state, you can’t extract the skill if you’ve trained the Omega portion.

Two Resources for you to check for more info:



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Thank you - it looks like the best bang for my buck is to buy the 10 extractor pack and extract both characters then biomass.

Is it possible to buy omega for a single day to facilitate the extraction on that account? If yes, how do I go about doing that? I’ve only ever subbed through the monthly subscriptions. I’m trying to consolidate everything into one account with one sub.


Gers Jakuard

You can log in through Eve anywhere since omega is required and you can sub for 30 plex for 24hrs

You may want to check https://secure.eveonline.com/store/packs there are 7d and 3d packs. Omega subscriptions start at 30 days.

But through eve anywhere you can purchase 30plex for 24 hrs

Ok i might possibly be mistaken here. I think the 24 hr thing is alpha access.

that is for 24 hours of EVE Everywhere as it is limited for Alpha pilots.

Yea i realized my stupidity after reading it.

Quite cheap Omega for 3 days: https://secure.eveonline.com/store/packs/weekend-fleet-pack

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