Alphas and skill extractors

Prior to the December Alpha changes, if an Alpha had over 5.5 million SP, they could use a skill extractor as normal, but could only extract “non-Alpha” skills.

Can an Alpha that has over 5.5 million SP still extract skills? And is the restriction on extracting “non-Alpha” skills still in place, even though the Alpha skill set is now much bigger?

So I’ve tested this and found that although the Alpha skillset has expanded, the restrictions on skill extractions remain exactly the same as before. That means:

  • Alphas can still use skill extractors as long as they meet the 5.5m minimum
  • Alphas can freely extract any Omega-only skills
  • Alphas can extract Omega-only levels from Alpha skills (eg. your racial Frigate level 5)
  • Alphas can’t extract skills which were part of the old Alpha skillset (eg. your racial Frigate level 4)
  • Alphas can extract skills which were added to the Alpha skillset in December (eg. other races Frigate level 4)

Weird. But hey ho, some people juggle geese.

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