Upcoming Alpha skills change: Alpha skills lock

In an upcoming update CCP intends to increase Alpha access in EVE Online. Alphas with 20 million SP will be able to access more of their trained SP as well as a greater range of hulls and modules.

I have an alt with 21 million SP. As it currently stands, I am only able to extract SP to a base cap of 5 million SP. Its important to note that certain Alpha skills cannot be removed to ensure access to Alpha features, modules and hulls.

My question:
When the SP cap is raised to 20 million SP, will additional skills be added to the Alpha skills pool that are locked out from being extracted?

The update is live (from 24th).

You can probably still extract to the original 5mil sp.

Are you sure?

Existing alpha ships were balanced on the 24th, but eve updates says December for the expanded alpha skillset:

Oh really? I must be mistaken.

Back to the point of my post:

idk yet

Now that CCP have released more info on this Alpha skill change, does anyone have any advice or knowledge that can help me?

I logged into SiSi and the higher Alpha skillset is in effect. What still isnt clear is whether all 20million SP alpha SP will be locked and unable to be extracted.

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