Skill Extractor - Skills locked

I have an old Alpha toon (~17M SPs) that I am extracting points from. As I extract from various skills, the skills become locked from further extraction. Many of those skills are still at level 3 and 4. Why is that?

They could be in the skill que, or you just need to keep dragging them in to fill up the 500k space in the extractor

Nothing in the queue and it won’t drag because there’s a lock to the left of the skill.

I believe it is because they are required base levels for other skills, which you have not extracted.

As a broad example, I believe, you would not be allowed to extract Gallente Frigate V…if…you have Interceptors trained as a current skill. You can’t train Interceptors until you have a racial frigate skill at V, so in my example Gallente Frigate V could not be extracted until you extracted all of your Interceptor skills.

(I hope that makes sense.)

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If they are prerequisites for other skills you will need to extract those first. yw

You can extract only "Omega " Skills, all Skills an alpha can learn should be locked from extracting when i get this point right …

gotcha. Thanks all. Fortunately I have a lot of omega skills trained

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Hm. I have an account with two characters on it. One is about 20 million SP ahead of the other, so I’ve been training on the other exclusively until they match more closely. It just occurred to me that I could extract half the difference from the one toon and give it to the other one. Then I could alternate training them every month or three months or whatever. I do wonder how much that would cost me. :man_shrugging:

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