New player questions

Hello, I am planning on selling my first pilot and have the following questions:

Can I sell the pilot if it is in alpha state?
How do I calculate the extraction value of the pilot? I am over 5.5M SP
Can I use a skill extractor in alpha state? I want to move some skills around.
Am I still able to use the extractor if I fill it with less than 500K skills or should I just take from a skill I want to completely fill it and then use the points again in the skill I want?

Thank you

Yes you can sell am alpha,

Alpha can use extractors
No you cannot use an extractor without fulfilling the 500k sp requirement

But only extract omega skills. So if character never was omega. Even with 20 mil SP it can’t use extractor. And you need at lest 5.5 mil SP to use extractor.


Thank you for the responses. I did not know it was only omega skills. I planned the char and it was mostly omega when I played it so the skills are concentrated.

So the basement cost of a char is ~4B? That’s the $20 fee converted to isk via plex using the Jita cost versus if I just bought $20 worth of isk (plex in jita).

How does extracted skill value work? Is it the jita spread between extractor and injector? I want to make sure I’m not getting ripped off if I decide to go through with it :slight_smile:

Thank you

How many sp do you have?

slightly over 8M

Youd probably get about 5 bil for it.

Before extractors and injectors, used to, you could get 1 bil per one mil of sp roughly.

You can look through the char bazaar or post asking for a price check to see what folks would be interested in paying.

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