Cannot extract unallocated SP from Alpha accounts

If an alpha account with more than 5.5m SP has SP in Omega skills, the skillpoints can be extracted using a skill extractor.

If an alpha account with more than 5.5m SP has SP in unallocated skillpoints, the skillpoints cannot be extracted using a skill extractor.

This is because you cannot actually inject the unallocated SP into the Omega skills, thus leaving you with no way to extract it. CCP should change it so you can either inject SP into Omega skills on Alpha accounts, or extract SP directly from the unallocated SP pool.

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There is 20 Mil of alpha skills you can inject into.

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“You cannot perform this action because your account has been placed under restrictions by the security team. Please contact customer support for more information.”

No, that’s called you botted at some stage, so you can never extract or sell characters.


Buy alpha injectors, inject skills, then extract.

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