Skill Points and Extractors Issue

Ok so I have an Alpha that I have run for a while, and I had over 2 mill allocated SP on him.
The character also had almost 6 mill sp to begin with so I figured I would boost him then extract
I know in order to extract you need to be Omega and this is fine.
Ok, I wanted to use up some of that extra SP, I mean after all I had 2mil+ right.
Ok so after I did a first bump I saw the number peak to just over 6 mill, then I added another 700k and saw that his over all sp didnt move, Image 1, I added another 200k and his sp still hasn’t moved ( Image 2) any ideas?

I believe the number will increase when you apply the skill points, or are you saying the unallocated skill point number also didn’t increase?

That’s because the sum didn’t change, only the allocation. The sum of a character’s SP includes their unallocated SP, too. You are gathering additional SP by daily presents or snowball brawls atm, so your sum of SP still can grow even in an Alpha who is beyond 5m SP.


Alphas can extract, but they can only extract alpha skills

Actually I used the unallocated so this number will decrease, however as you apply the unalocated to the skill and complete that skill level, I believe the total amount of SP should increase as you are increasing the over all skill points.
I am thinking if I have 2 million unallocated Skill points and I use them all, then my overall Skill Points should increase by 2 million is I am not mistaken or do I have it wrong.

Ahhhhh! I did not know this . . ok gotcha so I would actually have to use them all that’s kind of a lame way to calculate. . . . So where do you go to find out how much EP/SP you do have?

Well if in your first pic, you have over a mil in unallocated SP, just take that and subtract your total SP

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The page you are looking at shows you how much SP you have, it just includes the unallocated. If you want to know how much you have not including the unallocated, you’ll just need to do the math yourself…don’t think anywhere in game actually shows that.

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