Alpha Account SP harvesting method, is this possible?

So… someone in rookie chat today made a claim he harvests arround 10-15 Large Skill Extractors from his army of endless Alpha accounts every month.

I obviously at first thought “that is not possible”. Because Alpha are limited to 5 mil SP and the 1 millin free SP count towards “total skill points” which, at 5 million an Alpha stops training.
And a total of 5.5 mil are needed before you can extract.

However…he then dropped “it does work, dont tell CCP, i just dont redeem my 1 mil buddy invite until i’m at 5 mil”.


does this really work?

like the guy created 100 alpha accounts via buddy invite, lets them train to 5 mil and only THEN redeems his 1 mil free SP so he then has 6 million total from which he can sell 500k?

If this is really possible than this method i infinitely scalable and basically requires no investment at all (while omega harvesting does require heavy investment).

Extractors cannot yank unallocated SP, only allocated SP, and Alpha-state accounts can only allocate SP to Alpha skills - which cannot be extracted in an Alpha state.

So this sounds like pure BS to me.

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well…then case closed. Sounded to good to be true anyways but i fell for it lol.

Alphas can have up to 20 mil SP, but after the Initial 5.5 sp, injectors are needed to reach the 20 mil. so either way, this just doesn’t seem like a plausible or sensible tactic.

Last time I tried, Buddy Invites only worked with new Omega accounts.

they can be used with alphas… a GM confirmed that with @Archer_en_Tilavine some time ago when they were referencing alphas and biomassing and skirting the negative sec status etc.


The point was you can buddy invite a new alpha account and get 1million free SP in your redeemable items. Then you do NOT redeem it but leave it there until the alpha reaches 5 million total skillpoints just by waiting…only THEN you redeem the 1 million free SP from your redeemable items tab which only THEN adds up this Alpha account to 6 million total SP (without use of skill injectors or any investment at all).

Thus u had 6 million total SP from which you could extract 500k. The thing which @Mkikaden_Tiragen pointed out is: one can not extract SP from alpha skills. Thus the entire method doesnt work.
This i did not not know when the guy claimed it and thats why i was baffled a bit.

Anyways its still a clever"workarround" to get an alpha to 6 million totally free Skillpoints without the use of injectors or any other investment.

Geo was replying to Pierre’s assertion that the only way to get the bonus SP is to convert to Omega, which was incorrect.

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