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Hi guys I have a few questions, can YOU help ?

  1. Can I run 2 Omega accounts at the same time ?

  2. Can I extract skillpoints from skills I do not need anymore (Trained long time ago). And how is it done ?
    (Let’s say i trained some Amarr ship/weapon skills, but want to use them on Minmatar skills)

  3. Is there a 3. party ship fitting tool ?

Hope you can help …

  • Shrek
  1. yes
  2. Use a skill extractor/injector, you have to extract 500k and you might not get it all back, read the item info.
  3. Fleet you mean? No.
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  1. Yes, you can run two or more Omega clients at the same time.

  2. You can extract skill points until you reach a minimum of 5.5m SP. To do this, you would need to buy an item called a Skill Extractor - either from the market directly, or from the NES store using PLEX, or from the CCP account page using real money.

Skill Extractors

  1. The most used third party fitting tool is Pyfa. The in game fitting tool is pretty decent.
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Its 5, and not 5.5, i believe. You need a minimum of 5.5 mill to extract, taking you to 5.


Yes, that’s correct. I meant to indicate that 5.5m was the last time you could extract in case the OP had around that level of skill points.

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