Is there a calculator showing ISK gain stripping a char for SP?

Title says it all really. Am thinking of stripping a few alts but wondering if there’s an easy profit calculator somewhere online?


as a general rule if youre buying extractors from the market
then an extractor costs about half as much as an injector
for rough estimation costs you will be earning about 700m for every million sp extracted and sold including the cost of extractors
i think its usually about 350 for extractor and 700 for injector

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Not that I am aware of, but it is trivial to calculate:

([character SP] - 5 000 000) / 500 000 * ([value of Skill Injector] - [value of Skill Extractor])

Right now that is something like:

([character SP] - 5 000 000) / 500 000 * (749M ISK - 326M ISK) or;

([character SP] - 5 000 000) / 500 000 * (423M ISK)

So a character with 20M SP right now is worth:

(20 000 000 - 5 000 000)/500 * 423M ISK or 12.69B ISK

if you strip the SP to sell.

I guess I can make a chart:



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