47 mil Skill Points price check


30 bil

35 bil

36 bil

Well, If you extracted all your skills by buying skill extractors off of sell orders and then sold all the skill injectors you got out of it via buy orders, you’d get about 33.6 billion isk. Injecting a 47mil sp pilot is about 86 billion.

A good benchmark is to value every 1 million SP your character has as 1 billion isk, and then if it has any particularly expensive skillbooks injected (cap skillbooks for example), you can reasonably add that to the base price, especially if your character is focus trained for something highly desirable like a fax pilot or dread alt.

A lot of people do lowball offers here often lying about how your character is worth less than it is hoping to snag a cheap character, ignore those.

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then why don’t you place an offer and buy it from him…

Because he was asking for a price check, it’s not a sale thread specifically. Plus I have no interest in the character.

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36.5 bil


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