WTS Focused Strip Miner (delete post)

delete post going to use extractors.Cheers!!

security status .3
47,050,311 skill points
Unallocated 1,551,530 skill points
Standard implants

Jump clones
Remap Available
Zero Ship skins
0 isk in wallet
No kill rights
Character in Lustervik

How much

No clue what I am worth. 15 billion isk?

your skill link doesnt work, otherwise i could imagine what you want

ok, added another link.

I’m ready to buy a character for 15bil !

16b offer

Does this make sense?
Extract 40,000,000 skill points for 45 billion (84 skill extractors) Appraisal 9LTPlC @ Jita 4-4 split: 44,885,400,000.00 ISK | Janice
Sell 84 skill injectors for Appraisal a14TNw @ Jita 4-4 split: 76,725,600,000.00 ISK | Janice for 76 billion
76 billion -45 billion = 31 billion profit for me.
Do I just need to sell him at 5 million skill points and call it a day? Thoughts?