42M SP PVP Character For Sale


All rules apply.

40 BIl.

Thanks for taking a look.


Will start you off with 21B offer.

23b offer

24B ready today

Thanks for the offers.
The buyer can get 70 skill injectors from this Char. With Jita buy prices on injectors she is worth 41 BIll. How do expect me to part with her for half her real price? I love a good negotiation but you have to come closer to her real price.

I can pull the injectors my self, sure. But i would like to see someone who would like to take a great base char and use her.


Don’t forget extractors aren’t free. You don’t make 600mil from each of them.

Profit from this account if you was to extract this would be 25,06B
(this is based on 358M (profit) * 70=25,06B)

[Extractor = 295M * 70 = 18.1B] (Injector Sale = 617M*70=43.19B - 18.1BExtractor Fee = 25,06B Remainder value)

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I can offer 26B based on the above to give you profit if ur gonna extract

Thanks for the offer Bunkie.

She had 2.3 Bill in snake implants.

I would let her go for 30 bill.


Have you decided to let this deal go?

Bump! Anyone else interested?

I will close the sale Friday march 26th

Sale closed. Thank you.

Opening this sale back up.


All rules apply.

30 BIl.

Thanks for taking a look.

20 bill


Take a look. Make an offer.


25 bill

TY first 27 bill gets her.

To the top!

Open to reasonable offers!

Thank you for taking the time to look.