WTS Soon x2 5m sp starter toons

Hi, i will soon be farming 2 spare accounts down from 90msp to 5m each. They are both 2013 accounts before i extract i am willing to cater to anyone’s preference to where the 5msp remain then we can talk price. all CCP rules apply.

Please mail me in game i don’t always read this forum.

Based on current market prices for extractors and injectors, if i strip both and sell them off as 5msp starter toons

I’m looking at making 80b before % taxes are calculated. so if anyone’s interested in getting full non stripped accounts please make a reasonable offer.



Thank you!

YEA!! nice i hope you can give me a char with following specs:
Gallente Industrial 3 or higher
Interplanetary Consolidation 5
Command Center Upgrades 5
Remote Sensing 3 or higher
Planetology 3 or higher
Advanced Planetology 3 or higher
Cloaking 1 or higher
rest of the sillpoints you have to leave in the char would be cool on Engeneering

i am really looking for such a PI alt … hope you have one

i am EU TZ so if you want to contact me ingame i am 2 hours in fromt of EVE Time



edit: saw you ant to get in touch ingame … i sent a message


Here is the 1st toon 3.5b in implants as shown also.

Positive wallet
No kill rights
amarr space HS
Confirm i will soon be for sale.

I have placed offers in game under the character Vandermark.

Can you post character names?
Anyone have jump skills which you can left?
I would like to buy 5m char. Prefer jump skills, core skills (eng, navi) or Amarr skilled pilot.


I confirm i am for sale soon

Positive wallet
No kill rights
amarr space HS

What would be price for extracted CPT Bridgehouse? You want extract it to 5m or you can leave more SP?
When is next neutral remap will be available?

Currently debating to sell stripped or as a whole. currently if i strip and sell the 2 accounts with 5m sp i stand to make about 80b before tax. So just waiting to see what offers come in.

67b offer in game for both un stripped.

72b in game offer for both

Think he made a math :slight_smile:

In game offer accepted waiting account info and isk.

Isk and account names sent. Please keep me updated

confirm isk received and awaiting trf

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