WTS level 5 Gall/minmitar puller

http://eveboard.com/pilot/doyouknow_themufinman/standings title sas, will be in NPC corp

sent you a mail ingame

Replied eveboard is updated with the right standings. 6bill is where the starting bid will be :slight_smile:

Bump do have another if wanted

ill bid 6 and would like to see the other

http://eveboard.com/pilot/Heleneti/standings His my other guys, and thankyou for the bid,

sorry for the late reply was a busy day yesterday


Check your mail


reportin, two threads and you dont post hee the pilot you are selling.

WTS Level 5 Gal/Min mission Puller for the other. and this is the only thread, so report all you want mate

Lol, you dont do ythe thread ir post with the character selling, that is against the rules.

In 5 minutes you do pull in two diff threads :slight_smile:

with the numbers 60617 and 58165, must be merged or closed one, anyway yu dont post as the character selling to confirm.

What? you do see they’re two different toons right?.. so as i said report away mate

Boh threads promote the toon called Heleneti.

This thread 58165 male toon promote heleneti link, and helenite dont confirm

The thread 60617 you link, helenti advert and you bump.

repoting both and muting because

  • Dont say where is it the toon
  • dont say posiive wallet
  • dont say kill rights
  • dont declare clone status if relevant.

Read the thread of the rules.

My mistake thought it was the right eveboard.

anyway are incomplete. Good luck with your sales.


I’ll offer 4b.

too low sorry, bump