Sale Canceled

Lvl 5 Mission Puller for gallente.

Screenshot of standings

In high sec
in npc corp
no killrights
2 bonus remaps +1 available right now

Starting Bid 5b
Buyout 8b
Auction is active till price is agreed upon or 2 weeks, whichever ends first.
Link to eveskillboard


eveboard seems to be down atm. i cannot get it to load

Screenshot of Social Skills

Bump <3

6.5 b b/0

Is that toon stripped? What you got on spaceships command skills?

i will accept offer, send isk and in game mail with account name and i will start transfer

not stripped, strictly trained as puller

i suggest you update with

Bump. Updated with skillboard

Still accepting offers. Current bid is 6.5b yet no response. Auction still active.

Daily bump

Bump. Still for sale

updated with eveboard. now that it lives again \o/

Can you post screenshots of highest/lowest standings?

Screenshot as Requested

If you go reauth at it will pull your standings and display them on the standings tab. (let me know when you do it so I can purge your cache for a quicker view)

done, Thanks

All better now , standings tab :slight_smile: