Sale Canceled


(adama Elongur) #1

Lvl 5 Mission Puller for gallente.

Screenshot of standings

In high sec
in npc corp
no killrights
2 bonus remaps +1 available right now

Starting Bid 5b
Buyout 8b
Auction is active till price is agreed upon or 2 weeks, whichever ends first.
Link to eveskillboard

(Swick Star) #2


(adama Elongur) #3

eveboard seems to be down atm. i cannot get it to load

(adama Elongur) #4

Screenshot of Social Skills

(adama Elongur) #5

Bump <3

(Glasletter Nisseria) #6

6.5 b b/0

(Tiddle Jr) #7

Is that toon stripped? What you got on spaceships command skills?

(adama Elongur) #8

i will accept offer, send isk and in game mail with account name and i will start transfer

(adama Elongur) #9

not stripped, strictly trained as puller

(Inactive Seller) #10

i suggest you update with

(adama Elongur) #11

Bump. Updated with skillboard

(adama Elongur) #12

Still accepting offers. Current bid is 6.5b yet no response. Auction still active.

(adama Elongur) #13

Daily bump

(adama Elongur) #14

Bump. Still for sale

(adama Elongur) #15

updated with eveboard. now that it lives again \o/

(Eternal Montage) #16

Can you post screenshots of highest/lowest standings?

(adama Elongur) #17

Screenshot as Requested

(Brock Khans) #18

If you go reauth at it will pull your standings and display them on the standings tab. (let me know when you do it so I can purge your cache for a quicker view)

(adama Elongur) #19

done, Thanks

(Brock Khans) #20

All better now , standings tab :slight_smile: