WTS Gal/Mini L5 mission puller

(Dr Pep2) #1

pw: 5555

I am for sale.
Level 5 mission puller can’t really do much else.
2 bonus remaps available, if interested in training it further.

Positive wallet | No kill rights | Located in high sec | No jump clones.

All bids here, post will stay up until sold.

All CCP rules apply

(Dr Pep2) #2

Bump Still for sale.

(Dr Pep2) #3


(Dr Pep2) #4

Bump still for sale

(Raz140210) #5

what price are you looking at for this character

(Dr Pep2) #6

im not to sure what its worth anymore only just returned to the game, so offer one :slight_smile:

(Raz140210) #7

1 bil as your standing with gal mil isnt 7 on you board which is what is required so i cant pull lvl 5 gal

(Dr Pep2) #8

Thanks but no thanks. Eve board mustn’t be taking into account the skills for standings.

(Raz140210) #9

ok will you accept 2 bil then as your skills put it to +7

(Gidian Cox) #10

are you still for sale ?

(Dr Pep2) #11

yes still for sale

(Remember Covfefe) #12

Do you actually have a number you’re looking for? Maybe help us out a bit.

(Dr Pep2) #13

how much is standings worth nowadays last time i played these characters went for like 5bil >.>

(Remember Covfefe) #14

Actually, nevermind. I didn’t see that you only have 2 mill SP. I can produce 7.0+ standings in a couple of days, but your character has no extraction value to speak of, so I’m out. Best of luck on the sale!

(Gidian Cox) #15

3b offer ?

(Dr Pep2) #16

sorry going to keep this character, hasnt got the interest i was hoping for. thanks all o/

(system) #17

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