Level 5 min/Gal mission puller with 5.5mil SP

Selling my Level 5 mission puller. High standings to Minmatar and Gallente.


All the usual rules apply; pilot is located in Jita, no kill rights, in NPC corp, positive wallet and positive sec status.

Starting bid 6bil.

ill offer u 5.5

Offer 6.5b

Current offer is 6.5bil. Anyone else?

I will let this run to Wednesday 28th at 1900.

Daily bump

Bidding ends later today

https://forums.eveonline.com/u/Shippy_McStufferson - You win, please give me a yell in game.

No response from the buyer so bidding is back open.

7 bill will get you this toon today…

Would you take 5 bil? I can send isk right now

No sorry. Starting bid is 6bil

Still interested in selling this character?

Apologies I have been away. Yes still interested in selling

Still looking to sell

I offer 6b

6 bil accepted any other offers?

no more bids?

EveBoard link doesn’t work. What skills does this toon have?

It looks like eveboard is dead. Updated the link to eveskillbaord: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Nosha_Montegro

will do 6 bill if this has not sold yet