WTS Gallente Level 5 mission puller

Selling my Level 5 Gallente mission puller


7.12 standing with Gallente Federation
6.96 standing with Sisters of Eve
6.81 standing with Minmatar Republic

All the usual rules apply; pilot is located in Jita, no kill rights, in NPC corp, positive wallet and positive sec status.

Starting bid 5bil
Buyout 7bil


Thanks for the offer. Bidding closes on Sunday 1 April @ 2000 eve time.


Bidding will end at 2000 EVE time tonight.

Hey Talie - you win.

Please send isk in game and I’ll make the transfer.

Many thanks

Talie - do you still want this? I’ll give you until the weekend to get in touch otherwise I’ll readvertise

character sale retracted for now

Still interested in selling this?

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